Teen 4 Teens Jookender Pilot Program for Russian-Jewish Teenagers

Teen4Teens - a pilot program for Teenagers, focused on eliminating the gap of Jewish Education and Involvement after the Bar/Bat Mitzvah age and before the College. Jookender wants to make sure that kids still remember their Russian-Jewish roots, keep strong identity, and continue learning Jewish principles of life during that uneasy time. Kids age 13 and up accepted for this program, even if they are not yet a bar/bat mitzvah age, and especially, if their parents aren’t sure about putting their kids through bar/bat mitzvah preparation and ceremony. This is an ongoing program, where teens and pre-teens can research and prepare Jewish structured workshops, presentations, tours; volunteer at our events, and get involved in co-branded Jookender activities with other Jewish non-profit organizations.

Our Current Projects
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