Jookender supports Israel and Ukraine!
Jookender Goals – We’ll get you there!

Jookender Goals – We’ll get you there!

No matter your nationality, religious affiliation or knowledge, age, or resources, you're welcome at Jookender. Our inclusive programs and activities cater to the curious and are carefully designed to offer a wide range of opportunities for people with diverse backgrounds and faiths. At Jookender, there's no judgement... no religious orientation... no political pressure.

We create strong, enduring connections to our regional Jewish community, to Jewish communities around the world, and of course to Israel.

Whether it's JSchool, Teens4Teens, Young Adult programming, Seasonal Family Retreats, Women Rule!, Parenting Workshops, Partnerships with Jewish organizations in the U.S. and internationally, or simple social gatherings, Jookender will engage you with the richness of Jewish opportunities in greater Boston and beyond.

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Jookender is neither Religious nor Political. We're cultural and "by Birth"