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Women rule!

Women rule!

We create new programs when issues are raised within our community. Women rule is our new, pilot program, that will allow our female community members (moms and daughters) to grow personally and professionally, to build self-esteem, support the unique contributions of female-only STEM projects, and re-train for the skills necessary to return to the workforce.

The following are 3 major category we will support:


  • Increasing access to woman-to-woman mentoring relationships
  • Confidence building and self-esteem programming
  • Programs that encourage self-advocacy

STEM Education

  • Encouraging and preparing women and girls to succeed in jobs in STEM fields
  • Enrichment events with a STEM focus
  • Supporting the unique contributions of female-only STEM educational projects

Workforce Development & Economic Development

  • Providing women returning to the workforce with the skills necessary to compete in the job market
  • Encouraging women to take jobs in sectors with traditionally fewer women incumbents (e.g., the Trades, Technology, BioTech, and the like and providing with Employment Workshops and opportunities within the community.
  • Supporting programs that encourage, mentor, and scale-up women- owned or -led businesses, like Jookender Community Initiatives, Inc!