September Family Camp

September Family Camp

Welcome to Jookender Family Camp! If you’re a new family who has never camped with us in prior, please read carefully the description. If you are a returning family, please, also read it!

The camp lasts from Friday night (Check in - 6:30pm) to Sunday afternoon (Check out – 1:00pm)

During the camp, all children will be divided by age-appropriate groups, and Teen Volunteers will be assigned to them. Teen volunteers are responsible to deliver your kids from one class to another, and, if capable and scheduled for – conduct classes for them. Adult Volunteers may help during the class, and provide with classes/workshops, as well.

Each family may assign 1 volunteer to the camp. If you have any special skills and would like to volunteer your time – we want to hear from you. A volunteer doesn’t pay for participation and may join other activities when is not assign to his own tasks. If you think, your skills would be desired, you may sign up for camp volunteering after your family has reserved the stay. You need your family to sign up first, because when you register as a volunteer and mark that you’ll be staying with your family, you need to choose your family from the dropdown list, and this will only be possible, if your family has already been registered. If later it happens that we cannot make you a volunteer for some reason, you’ll be able to add yourself as a paying member to your family registration. A Volunteer, Teen or Adult, should be at least 15 y.o. No upper limit, as long, as we think you can be an asset to our camp.

* while teen volunteers participate free of charge, no matter which unit they are assigned to, adult volunteers are free only if they live in a bunk unit or a tent.

This year, we’ve changed pricing strategy a little bit. In order to keep general pricing at the same level, we now are asking Senior Citizens to pay same rate as a child 3-12 will. We’re also asking that the Lux unit price is based on at least 2 paying adults (parents). This helps us to keep other prices relatively low, compare to other similar camps and to the last year September Prices, provided by Mishpucha at Avoda camp.

This is a camp, so you need to bring everything with you. The bunk house rooms are equipped with twin bunk beds, matrasses, dressers, and electricity. There is one portable heater per room. It’s up to you, if you wish to move the beds around, add a bed, remove one, etc. One full family (at least 3 people) will be placed in a separate room in the Bunk House. If only 1 parent/1 child comes, we’ll try to place them in one room with another 1 parent, same gender child. In some cases, we might need to place 3 single gender parents and with same gender kids in one room of the bunk house. You also need to bring with you pillows, blankets, sheets, or sleeping bags. Each Bunk House has 2 wings, each wing – one room, and they share bathrooms 4 sinks 4 toilet cabins in each). The Shower House is a separate building (one for men, one for woman). Some bunk houses are now equipped with outside, but attached to the bunk house shower cabins. One more thing about the Bunk houses. The numbers get changed every time – that’s the camp policy. So, if you’ve been in bunk 1 last time, this doesn’t mean that the same building will have that same number this time. Allow us to figure out, which unit is better for your family in particular.

Lux houses set apart from other housings. It’s less noisy there. Each lux house has 1 or 2 rooms and 1 inside full bathroom (shower, toilet, sink) that belongs to the rooms. Most lux have queen beds in one room and twin bunk beds or matrasses in another room, if more than one room. Or, all together (1 queen, other bunks) in one room. Most Luxes also have wall a/c, sometimes, also wall heater, sometimes, covered porch, and sometimes, even fridge.. We’ve been only given 5 Lux houses in September. As much as I want you to place at the same unit as last time (if you wish so), it will also depends on a number of people in your family.

I would always prefer tent to any lux or bunk house. Especially, if you like camping. That’s the best and most flexible option. IMHO. But – you need to understand, that in this case, in addition to other things and personal belongings, you would need to bring Tent, as well. For Tent people, there are several bathrooms located all over the property.

Schedule: As always, our schedule is based on several things: 1. Great Volunteers we’re able to get 2. Grants, if any 3. Number of people signed up and paid full price for the camp. Therefore, we cannot have schedule for you right away. But once registration is closed, we’ll be working on schedule day and night, polishing and perfecting it. If you wish to look at our last (June) camp schedule, download it from here. We will be informing you through our newsletter, as well, as through our Facebook group of any new/secured classes we’ll be bringing to the camp.

Bracelets: we’ll try to make sure, each children group is no more than 15 kids, unless we have some activities that are for several groups at the same time, like sport activities. We will also try to make sure, each group has an opportunity to make it everywhere, instead of signing up to one class or another. This might or might not be true with Parents groups. But we’ll try our best, as always. Each group will be wearing their own color bracelets. Please, do not remove them. Teachers will not admit people without bracelets to their class (unless they are under 3 y.o.)

Food: based on our conversation with camp, and your previous requests, food will include meat, chicken, pasta, rice, salad bar and deserts. If you note your allergies on the registration form, the camp will accommodate you. Things, like milk replacement or any perishable food items s/b asked at the dining window, because that cannot be stored w/o a refrigerator for a long time. Snack will also be included. Moreover, if you fill hungry, come any time to the kichen, and “Grandma Ronni” will find something for you to chew on. But 6 meals and all-day snack are included.

Close to the event, this page will have all downloadable materials, including map, schedule, and list of things to pack with you.

We hope to see you all there! Come to us, talk to us, volunteer for us! Have fun! Thanks for reading.

Jookender Team.

100% refund - if you cancel at least 30 days prior to the event. After that, $30 per person will be withdrawn, the rest will be refunded, even if you cancel same day camp begins.

No Refund after 3:00 pm at the first day of the event.

Service fees are not refundable.

Camp registration deadline is August 15

Add more participants to your unit

September Family Camp Registration

All Lux houses are secluded from the rest of the camp, have 1-2 rooms and private/semiprivate bathrooms with showers. Most, also equipped with wall unit a/c and heat. Jookender Team will place your family in the most appropriate lux, based on your last year preferences (if any) and number of people that stay with you. Still, you must understand that Lux in the Summer Camp is not the same as Lux in the 5-star hotel. We now require a min of 2 full paid adults per lux.

Adult or Child 12+ - $300
Senior - $170
Child (3-12) - $170
Child under 3 y.o. - FREE

The Bunkhouse can fit up to 12 people. 2 Bathrooms (Toilets and Sinks) attached to each bunkhouse. You must bring your own personal belonging, towels, sleeping bags or sheets, blankets, pillows. The room is equipped with multiple stackable twin beds w/matrasses, clothes drawers, lights, and electrical outlets. The Shower House is a separate building.

Adult or Child 12+ - $185
Senior - $130
Child (3-12) - $130
Child under 3 y.o. - FREE

The Camp site is just a place for your tent. The tent will not be provided. You must bring your own personal belonging, towels, sleeping bags or sheets, blankets, pillows. There is no electricity or water provided directly to your site. There is no extra space for a table or a grill. The Shower House and Bathrooms located nearby.

Adult or Child 12+ - $135
Senior - $110
Child (3-12) - $110
Child under 3 y.o. - FREE

Register Yourself First:

Register your Family Members and everyone who stays with you at the same unit:

Total: $0

A Service Fee equal $0.30 + 4% of the total amount will be added for each online transaction.
This fee covers our handling and PayPal/credit card fees.

Jookender Waiver – September Family Camp

I, on behalf of my family (and all participants I include into my reservation), voluntarily sign this waiver and assumption of risk in favor of the Jookender Community Initiatives, Inc in consideration for the opportunity to use the owner’s facilities, the facilities rented by or given to Jookender Community Initiatives, Inc, or event set up for the Jookender Community Initiatives, Inc, that will take place 09/07/2018 – 09/09/2018.

I understand that there are certain risks and dangers associated with the activities and use of the facilities and that these risks have been fully explained to me. I fully understand the danger involved. I fully assume the risks involved as acceptable to our family members and other paticipants I personally register, and agree to use my best judgment in undertaking these activities and follow all safety instructions.

I waive and release Jookender Community Initiatives, Inc. from any claim for personal injury, property damage, or death that may arise from use of the facilities or from participation in the activities of Jookender Community Initiatives, Inc.

I waive and release Jookender Community Initiatives, Inc. from any claim associated with activities for which Jookender Community Initiatives, Inc. assisted with group rates.

I am a competent adult and I assume these risks of my own free will.

Please, sign the document with your full legal name.