Jookender Community - In the News

12/02/18 Happy Hanukkah!

Wishing you a very happy Hanukkah!

11/29/18 IAC 2018

Jookender is looking for new and exciting collaborations at IAC 2018.

11/10/18 Jookender has been featured in eJewishPhilantropy magazine

Russian Jewish Community Foundation supports Russian-language Nonprofits in Massachusetts and Israel.

10/27/18 Pittsburgh Shooting

On behalf of the entire Jookender community, we send our deepest condolences to victims and the victims families of the Pittsburgh shooting. We will all light candles and pray for the victims and the entire city of Pittsburgh. #PitssburghStrong #PittsburghUnited

08/28/18 New Grant Awarded

CJP has just awarded Teen Professional Development Grant to Jookender.

08/20/18 The Tribe

Jookender has been selected as one or 2 partners to bring 50+ Families with children in K-3 to the Pilot Program.

07/06/18 Eastern Bank Loves Jookender!

Eastern Bank has just confirm the partial sponsorship of our September Family Camp!

07/02/18 2018-2019 RJCF Grant Award

Jookender is now supported by RJCF

06/18/18 North Shore Grant Recipient

Jookender goes to North Shore to ignite and build a strong, friendly Russian-Speaking Community.

05/04/18 Young Adults Grant from CJP

Jookender has been notified for winning a partial grant for Young Adults from CJP (July 2018-June 2019). This grant will allow us to attract and grow the community of Young Adults 20-45 y.o.

05/02/18 Youth Grant from CJP

Jookender has just been awarded a grant for Teens from CJP. This grant will help us to equip our Teen volunteers with walkie-talkies and other tools to carry on our projects.

03/27/18 Community Grant.

Applied for the June Family Camp Support from Eastern Bank.

03/27/18 Young Adults Innovative Grant - application submitted!

03/26/18 RJCF. Applied for Annual 2017 grant.

03/25/18 Advancing Women!

Applied to the Targeted Grant from Eastern Bank

02/27/18 LOI for CJP Teen Grant has been reviewed

CJP Teen Engagement Grants with Support from the Jim Joseph Foundation are now waiting for our Grant Application! Deadline to apply is March 14th.

02/19/18 Covenant Foundation

We’ve just sent our LOI (Letter of Interest) for the Ignition Grant. Keep your fingers crossed!

02/16/18 We are a nonprofit!

Jookender is now a 501 c3 nonprofit organization!

02/08/18 Jookender is 3 month old!

02/17/2018 Jookender is 3 month old! Help us to celebrate it!

02/01/18 Winter Retreat is Coming!

Join us for a weekend full of fun and games. Our major vendors are Mozgoboinya, Questime, Zhenya Lopatnik!

01/15/18 Jookender Got Sponsors!

Summer Camp Avoda, PJ Library, and Center Makor will sponsor Jookender Purim 2018! Families with Kids welcome to celebrate in Natick, MA

12/22/17 Happy Holidays!

Jookender wishes luck and prosperity to all Greater Boston Area RSJ Families this Holiday Season and the New Year of 2018!

12/21/17 Jookender goes South!

In partnership with PJ Library, Jookender now offering events South Shore. Calling all Vendors, Partners, and Interested Parents to collaborate! Contact Sasha


Our New Website is up and running. Please, pardon our appearance for the next 6 months, while the site will be completely developed.

12/11/17 Happy Hanukkah!

The festival of lights is here. Light the menorah, play with the dreidel and feast on latkes and sufganiyots. Celebrate the spirit of Hanukkah with friends, family and loved ones by wishing them Happy Hanukkah

11/30/17 We've got Winners!

Congratulation to 4 Jookender families and their Team "Porebriki & Co" who just won first Mozgoboinya Game in Boston. First out of 23 other great teams!

11/28/17 Fundraising

Jookender has filled out a Fundraising Application with the State of Massachusetts. We'll inform you when we're approved.

11/20/17 501 (c)

Jookender has applied for 501(c) organization. It'll take awhile to get approved. We'll inform you when the status is granted.

11/18/17 Meet JCI

Jookender has been incorporated as a non-profit with the State of Massachusetts, as Jookender Community Initiatives, Inc.