Are you a Metrowest or North Shore Teen 13-19 y.o.? New to Jookender? We’ve got something special for you! Sign up to receive a backpack full of goodies! Learn more about our programs for Teenagers and join Jookender FREE today! Jookender offers local Teens a unique community experience. Family Camps, Survival Adventures, Overseas and Local Jewish Heritage Tours, Volunteering for Community Hours and much more. Our programs bring the best out of you, while you’re having fun with your friends.

We're collecting information of all secular Jewish Programs for Teens available and will be distributing this information to those who sign up for the backpack. It's important, because our community doesn't have access to this information in any other way, and would definitely benefit out of having it on time and giving their Teen-children an opportunity to explore Jewish World from a number of angles.

Welcome Teen Program