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About Jookender

About Jookender

Jookender is a inclusive, friendly, warm, and welcoming community organization that serves Russian speaking Jewish families in the Greater Boston metropolitan area. Our shared history, language, and culture uniquely positions Jookender to meaningfully and memorably engage New England's Russian speaking Jewish families and their children.

Jookender's outcome-based activities introduce and expose secular, non-affiliated Russian speaking Jewish families to Jewish heritage and culture via fun, interactive, and educational activities. Focusing on family bonding and bridge-building, Jookender's programming informs, engages, and inspires Russian speaking Jewish children, pre-teens, teens, college students, young adults, families, and senior citizens.

We rekindle their Jewish sense of identity, build their pride in our shared Jewish heritage, and create stronger connections with Jewish communities in Boston and beyond.

Recognizing that none of us is as strong as all of us, Jookender welcomes everyone. Let's tikkun olam ("Repair the World") together.

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Jookender is neither Religious nor Political. We're cultural and "by Birth"