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About Jookender

About Jookender

Jookender is an inclusive and welcoming community organization dedicated to serving Russian-speaking Jewish families in the Greater Boston metropolitan area. Leveraging our shared history, language, and culture, Jookender is uniquely positioned to engage New England's Russian-speaking Jewish families and their children in meaningful and memorable ways.

Our outcome-based activities are designed to introduce secular and non-affiliated Russian-speaking Jewish families to Jewish heritage and culture through enjoyable, interactive, and educational experiences. With a focus on fostering family bonds and building bridges, Jookender's diverse programming informs, engages, and inspires individuals of all ages, including children, pre-teens, teens, college students, young adults, families, and senior citizens.

Through these initiatives, we aim to reignite a sense of Jewish identity, instill pride in our shared heritage, and foster stronger connections with Jewish communities in Boston and beyond. At Jookender, we believe in the strength of unity, welcoming everyone to join us in the spirit of tikkun olam, or "Repairing the World," as we work together to make a positive impact.

Over the past 7 years since its inception, Jookender has garnered widespread recognition from various charitable foundations, solidifying its commitment to the Russian-speaking Jewish community in the Greater Boston metropolitan area. Among the numerous foundations that have acknowledged and supported Jookender's initiatives are prominent organizations such as CJP (Combined Jewish Philanthropies), GPG (Genesis Philanthropy Group), JFNA (Jewish Federations of North America), Honeycomb, Jim Joseph Foundation, Mosaic United, Limmud, and many others.

These partnerships and endorsements underscore Jookender's dedication to its mission, showcasing the organization's impact and effectiveness in reaching and engaging Russian-speaking Jewish families. The support from these charitable foundations has enabled Jookender to expand its reach and enhance its programming, contributing to the enrichment of Jewish heritage and culture within the community.

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Jookender is neither Religious nor Political. We're cultural and "by Birth"