Go, Teens!

Are you a self-starter? Can you create a team, work on a project, sign up for a competition and invite your friends to participate? While Jookender cannot support you from A to Z, we will certainly help you to compete! Whether it’s a Sport Competition, Math Games, STEM, Destination Imagination, or a Jewish Project, Jookender will support your team during that competition! Apply today and Jookender will fully or partially compensate you for the Entry Fees, supplies, promo materials, food, or tickets. Become a Teen-Hero! Receive anywhere from $50 to $500 in-kind or cash compensation from Jookender for your team!

To apply, please, contact Sasha jookender@gmail.com with information, regarding this competition.

*Restrictions apply. You must be a current US citizen of Green Card holder. You must be between age 13 and 19. At least 2 Team members should be well-known at Jookender (e.g. volunteered or regularly attended our events in the past). Individual Teens Competing at the region/national level are also eligible to apply. Each application will be considered separately based on information you provide and the Jookender Go, Teens Committee. Please apply at least 2 months before the competition. All applications will be considered on a roll over basis. You may apply multiple times for multiple competitions a year. Other restrictions may apply.