Social/Nonprofit Entrepreneurship Program (Sold Out)

Social/Nonprofit Entrepreneurship Program

This year, 2021-2022, we’re accepting HS and College Students to our 4th Cohort. The 4th Cohort will have a very interesting experience of getting the project completed – from idea to execution, step by step, learning the fundamentals of putting a team together, budgeting, grant writing, marketing, recruitment, program creation, outreach, program following through, final program execution, and program reporting. Each team will work on one project during the year – gaining a nonprofit behind-the-scenes experience first-hand.

This year, it’ll be less homework and more in-class collaborations between the teams. We’ll have 17 sessions where students work together as a class, and by their teams, and across all teams, constantly improving their projects. They earn community hours during the time they prepare their projects, and cash – at the time of actual recruitment, marketing and execution of the project. By the end of the program, students receive up to 40 Community hours toward their High School Requirement. College Students will receive 2 semesters of unpaid internship for this program. The paid practice lasts for 2-3 weeks in June, for the up to 10 hours per student. The paid practice is optional and eligibility is determined, based on the student commitment and team cooperation during the year.

While working on their team’s project, the students will also get exposed to outside of Jookender experiences, where they can earn additional community hours and valuable certificates to add to their college portfolio and resume. The Students also get priority to apply for a various summer experiences, Jookender Family Camp volunteering, and much more. As our SE program changes and improves with each year, many students would opt-in for another year to stay on the program. On average, a student stays on this program for 2-3 years or until graduation from HS, gaining a variety of business skills and hands-on experience, necessary to find a job of their dreams later in life.

Students gain valuable team-building experience, leadership skills, and self-confidence. Their dedication and friendship last for years after graduation from the program.

The program tuition also partially covers the cost of their team’s project execution. At the end of the year, they have an optional paid practice to earn back some of the tuition.

A 9-month commitment is necessary to apply for this program. The program fee is not prorated, not transferred, and not refunded, once the program begins in October 2021.

See this year leaders:

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Dana Moochnick
Michael Atkin
David Ratin


• Early Bird Special - $550/y (until June 30, 2021), Regular price is - $650/y.
• Registration deadline – September 25th, 2021.
• Universal Teen Club members – FREE.