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Social/Nonprofit Entrepreneurship Program

Social/Nonprofit Entrepreneurship Program

Welcome to our Social/Nonprofit entrepreneurship program! During the year, students learn how to start a nonprofit, how it operates, what is the difference between “for profit” and nonprofit and when it’s better to open one or another. Students improve their writing skills, learn business development, marketing, fundraising, and analytics. Since most of the students spend 2-3 years on the program, the program is not the same from one year to another, to keep the returning students engaged, while helping the new students to get the same level.

During the program, students will:

  • Learn how to listen to, lead, and inspire others
  • Become a valuable team member, learn team dynamics and collaboration
  • Build interpersonal skills and grow capacity for the effective leadership
  • Explore the collective Jewish experience, feel stronger about their identity
  • Create friendship bonds that last for many years to come

This year, 2021-2022 we had all new students and only a few returned, so we’ve decided to go back to the very beginning and have them learn the Nonprofit 101 and work on easy-achievable projects.

Next year, 2022-2023, the focus will be on marketing, creative technical side of the nonprofit, of course, more writing and publishing. As in previous years, the students will be involved in the fundraising activities and carry-on their own fundraising project toward a nonprofit organization of their choice. We will also be spending quite some time on college portfolio and how Jookender experience can be seen valuable in the eyes of College Admission Committee and potential places that hire interns.

In June 2023, after the official part of the program is over and assuming the students performance is satisfactory, they will be offered various paid internships with Jookender, that can help them earn the cost of the program back. This paid practice is optional, and comes on top of the community hours they fulfill during the year.


• Early Bird Special - $550/y (until May 31, 2022), Regular price is - $650/y.
• Registration deadline – August 31th, 2022.

Early registration has been extended until June 15th