Teen Entrepreneurs

Unpaid Internship - A program in Marketing, Leadership, and Social Entrepreneurship for HS and 1-2 Year College Students.

Jookender opens its doors to HS and College Students interested to get a hands-on experience in Social Entrepreneurship. This program eliminates the need of a GAP year, often required in many good universities these days. Save time, graduate early and get the job you deserve! Your program included, but not limited to learning and applying just learned skills to the areas of:

  • Marketing & Business Development
  • Social Justice
  • Jewish Leadership
  • Programs Coordination and Support
  • Volunteering
  • Fundraising & Charity

We will be offering Internships for the following terms:

  • September - December
  • February - May

Same Student may take up to 4 terms of Unpaid Internship with us. If a Student expresses an interest to stay for a 5th term and beyond, he will automatically be entered in the Paid Internship (age restrictions may apply). Ideally, Students will work in teams of 3-5.

For College Students, each Internship will require to spend 5-10 hours a week. For High School Students, it’s a 2-5 hours a week and they would also receive Community Hours for their service.

Remote Internships for college students are also possible.

Registration for Winter-Spring 2019 is closed. If you have any questions, please email to Jookender Team at Jookender@gmail.com

1st Pilot Kaveret - Spring 2019