Social/Nonprofit Entrepreneurship Program

Social/Nonprofit Entrepreneurship Program

Welcome to our 3rd Cohort (Kaveret)!

You’ve been incredibly lucky. This is your chance to learn Social/Nonprofit Entrepreneurship from inside out, using Jookender as a Battle Field for all your trials and errors.

This, still Pilot, program will have 2 parts – one is studying everything about the nonprofit organization, the board set up and operations, writing, marketing, program planning, fundraising, and analytics, and another one is a hands-on experience in everything – from planning and conducting events, to marketing and public relations, fundraising, research, and analytics.

The first part starts on September 9th and lasts to Presidents Day. During this part, students meet with the instructors on a bi-weekly basis, online, via ZOOM or similar program. Students will be learning the basics of how a nonprofit (especially, Social Jewish Nonprofit) get organized and start working. The topics for that part included, but not limited to

• Types of business entity

• Organization’s Mission and Goals

• Elevator pitch for the organization

• The role of the Board and Advisory Board

• Business and Marketing Plans

• Event Marketing

• Grant Writing

There will be some occasional volunteering experience offered, and each student may earn up to 2 volunteering hours a week (approx. 18 weeks). We will be honoring all Jewish and Massachusetts Public School Vacation weeks. We will take into consideration the holiday weeks of the out-of-state students, as well. In the first part of the program, we meet all together, no matter what team you’re in. Most homework, however, is supposed to be completed as a team.

The second part is a combination of Q&A bi-weekly ZOOM sessions where students will not be just asking questions, but learning the tools (grant writing platforms, cartoon and movie production, online Jewish study curriculums, etc.) and hands-on experience where every student earns at least 20 community hours applying the stuff they’ve just learn to the real projects.

The third part is optional. We will be offering students a Paid Internship during May and June of 2021. During this time, they can at least earn back what parents have invested in this program at the very beginning, and possibly double, or even triple the pay. Online or offline, locally, in MA or their state, Jookender will make sure, all students will gain proper internship experience during March-June of 2021.

The 3rd cohort program is not limited to Massachusetts students, but wide open for all US-based High School Teenagers and College Students interested in learning more about their Russian-Jewish Roots while helping a Jewish Social Nonprofit to grow and evolve. While the learning experience is mostly conducted in English, there will be cases, where “Rusglish” will be very helpful, not to mention that the principal teacher’s first language is Russian and her heavy Russian accent is a part of every class. Also, Jookender will be partnering with Russian-Jewish organizations in the states, where our students are from, to provide them an adequate hands-on, partially in-person experience where they live and study. It’s our honest recommendation to bring your friends to the program – so you can grow and learn together. It helped our 2nd cohort, and we believe it’s a way to go. If you’re coming to the program, bring a few people you know with you.

Each team will have a leader. Leaders are appointed from the previous (2nd Kaveret). Each team participant will have a role in the team. Each participant is important, or as we say in Eastern Europe Jewish Tradition, each participant is a “Mench”.

As new signup, you’d need to choose your leader from the available list. If you’ve been recruited by a leader, just sign up with this one, if not, pick any available leader.

If you think that one year is enough to learn it all – don’t be so sure. It’s something to get you interested, but we hope you’ll be eager to continue another year. The program is expandable and may last as many years, as you wish to participate. You will receive a Junior Social Entrepreneur diploma after 2 years of participation, and you’ll be receiving certificates of participation and the community hours earned after each year.

If you’re in college, you will receive confirmation of 2-term Internship in Social Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Nonprofit Business Development, Journalism, Business Administration, or Fundraising – whichever makes more sense for your major and college authorities – just don’t forget to fill out all necessary forms in your college and forward them for our signature. We will make sure your internship is focused on that area and you’re getting enough support and hands-on practice in it.

Once we have registration going, we will be setting up a few Zoom meetings, so you and your parents (or just you) may ask all questions before the program begins.

The program is not prorated, and once started – not refundable. Each student makes a full-year commitment to it. The program meets bi-weekly, on Wednesdays, 8:15 – 9:15 pm, and some homework should be expected, as well.

Here, at Jookender, we treat you in a very special way. We trust you can do it and we mean – anything. YES, YOU CAN DO IT AND YOU WILL SUCCEED. And we will be there to supply you with the necessary tools.

But, in the same way, Jookender is a fairly new organization. As you learn from us, we will be learning from you a lot. By helping each other, we can reach the ultimate success and repair the World!

Registration for the 2020-2021 has been closed

1st Pilot Kaveret - Spring 2019

2nd Kaveret Teams - 2019-2020

Arthur Andreev
The team: Eyal Jackman, Nicolay Khlystov, Nikol Lupu, Victoria Andreev
Kira Shandalova
The team: Feodor Dubinsky, Gal Goldfain, Karina Volkov, Sheli Goldfain
Daniel Sardak
The team: Angelica Martirosyan, Joseph Genzer
Katherine Zuliy
The team: Dasha Trosteanetchi

3rd Kaveret Teams - 2020-2021

Arthur Andreev
The team: Marc Katsovich, David Ratin, Anthony Sardak
Dana Brodskiy
The team: Jane Eidelman
Daniel Sardak
The team: Arkadiy Fusyak
Michael Atkin
The team: Daniel Shestak, Eric Kantorovich, Max Borenshtein
Nikol Lupu
The team: Dana Moochnick, Michael Altshuler, Daniel Altshuler, Marat Bedoev, Victoria Andreev