Legends and Myth of Hudson Valley (Sold Out)

Legends and Myth of Hudson Valley

Jookender is happy to invite you for a new Journey - Legends and Myths of Hudson Valley. In this tour, you and your Kids will be learning about Jewish first settlements in the area, and have a hands-on experience making bread and pickles at the Organic Jewish Farm. In addition, we'll be visiting Branerman Castle, Roosevelt Historical site, a church with Mark Chagall's stain glass windows, West Point Academy, and many other interesting things. Only $120/Adult, $90 child + Hotel (Group Reservation)

Free for children under 3 y.o.

Targeting Auditory – Families with Pre-Teens and Teens

We're targeting HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS FISHKILL MID HUDSON VALLEY 21 Schuyler Blvd, Fishkill, NY 12524 US. They did not provide us with a special rate, but their own rate good anyway -$165/night. If this is a not suitable hotel for you, please book any other place within 10-15 miles radius from Beacon, NY, better if toward the upstate NY. Please, purchase our tour first and deal with hotel in your own pace. But do not delay too much - those days are hot - you might end up without a hotel room if you don't make reservations in the nearest time.

Hudson Valley Tour Schedule and directions.