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Jookender Community Comes Together To Support Ukraine

Millions of people — mostly women and children — have been forced to flee Ukraine. Two brave women from RSJ community, Julia Atkin and Sasha Grebenyuk, both members of the Jookender Board of Directors, were able to go to Poland this summer to work in one of the refugee camps for Ukrainian children.

Children and their families were walking hundreds of miles and leaving behind everything they’ve ever known and sheltering in hotel for now, but all hoping to go back as soon as the war is over. It is heartbreaking to hear children talk about the lives they left behind and deplorable conditions in the hotel, 4-5 people in one room, no money for clothing, food and basic needs; resources are stretched thin.

Little children were telling us how they play in the hotel room, building forts from pillows and blankets, trying to grab on to the last little pieces of normality.

Sasha & Julia kept in touch with the families they met in Poland and the families expressed a lot of concern about upcoming winter. Especially, parents of the teenagers, that grow overnight and have no clothes other then those they had when they arrived.

Although, the summer camp in Poland hasn’t been organized by Jookender, today, at Jookender we’d like to help the Ukrainian families who brought their children to the camp where Sasha and Julia had been volunteering during the Summer by organizing a quick fundraiser and clothes drive.

In addition, we would like to help those who came to this hotel very recently. Right now, Ukraine is under constant attack, there is no heat or electricity and people come to Poland in huge waves and get less and less help. We need to help new families as well!

Your compassionate support can help ensure that the children and mothers have clothing for the winter, supplies to go to school and some toys to play with.

You can help ensure that families fleeing violence know they are not alone at the most devastating moment of their lives.

Your generous tax-deductible gift to Jookender can change lives! Your kindness can help newly displaces families quickly find safety, stability and hope. We will be accepting monetary donations past beyond the fundraiser, to ensure we have enough funds to support Ukrainian refugees for the months to come

We choose to use commercial mailing, because this way, the entire shipping process takes less, and the help comes directly where it is needed instead of piling up at the border, as it happens with the humanitarian aid that gets shipped free. We ship only what we’ve been asked for, and our list of things gets updated every week. We keep direct contact with our end destination points and know when and what makes sense to send. Please, help us raise enough funds to send out necessities that are hard to find nowadays in Ukraine.

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