High School Students Serve and Learn (Sold Out)

High School Students Serve and Learn

Early Bird Special ends June 5th, 2019

Attention, HS Students! Are you ready for a Journey? Well, this is your chance, unlike any others! Join a small cohort of HS Students to explore the opportunities to make our World a better place to live!

Thanks to our generous sponsors, your 4 days/3 nights trip only costs $199.00 and includes travel, lodging, meals, and all activities, in addition to the hands-on social justice engagement.

Learn all about Portland, OR and surrounding areas.

Everyone will get a hands-on experience working at a construction site and at the farm

High School Students will also receive up to 16 Community Hours for this trip.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up and invite a friend to join you!

Question prior to registration – email Sasha Grebenyuk, Program Director jookender@gmail.com

NO Refund or Exchange.

Attention, new, prospective travelers: Originally, this was made as a local event for a local community. That's why we did not add any obstacles to it (as such, writing an essay, or providing us more information about your background). The program suddenly got some visibility, but we have agreed upon not adding more work to the new candidates, so they have the same rights, as the HS Students in our Community. It's all about Social Justice, isn't it? So, it starts right here, right from this form. And, don't you worry - before you go to the trip, you'll have a few opportunities to meet everyone and to make friends. Can't wait to start making friends? Why don't you sign up first to volunteer at our Jookender Family Camp and meet other Teens there! It's a great way to learn, socialize, and earn quite a few community hours! Here, at Jookender, we cannot wait to meet you!