Go, Girls, for STEAM Programs Fall 2021 Term

Dear Parents!

Below, you’ll be finding programs of the Go, Girls for STEAM club. These programs will be focused on the technology, science and art. The programs will change from one term to another. The programs will not repeat those available at the club Yeladim. However, if you sign your girl to this club, she will also automatically be entered to the club Yeladim, so if you like any class in the Yeladim club and it feels like your girl would enjoy it, you’ll be able to sign up to this class with no additional fee. All classes of Go, Girls, for STEAM and Yeladim clubs are FREE with one low $200/year subscription to this club. There is no maximum. Every term, based on availability, you’ll be able to sign up for as many classes, as possible, and the selection will be significant. During the summer, we will only offer a few classes, but during the Fall, Winter and Spring Terms there will be a very good choice. And you, as a parent of the club member, may suggest us classes for this club, as well.

Based on the past observations and experience, girls 11-14 y.o. are better off learning the exact sciences in small groups with other girls, not in the mixed classes. This is the exactly experience that will be provided in this club. In addition to science, technology, and art, this club will provide leadership classes to improve self-esteem and confidence, so necessary at this age.

Of course, there is no discrimination and you, as a Parent, may choose the club that you think will suit your child the most, we just provide you a recommendation, based on past observations and experience.

Some of the classes will be offered to the general public, but most – will only be offered to the club members. So, if you’re interested in joining the club, please follow this link: https://www.jookender.org/Go-Girls-for-STEAM.html

To continue browsing the classes already available, please, just scroll down.

Thank you for reading,
Sasha & The Jookender Team.

Please, once a year, fill out the COPPA form for your child (each child separately) and send it to jookender@gmail.com. Please name it COPPA_Notice_YourLastname.