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Go, Girls, for STEAM (11.5-13.5 y.o.)

Go, Girls, for STEAM (11.5-13.5 y.o.)

Go, Girls, for STEAM is a completely new program, brought this year, because we have noticed a hesitance in the now-day girls to try out science and technology projects and succeed in these disciplines. This is especially true when it comes to Girls 11.5-13.5 y.o. During the classes, the girls will gain leadership skills, get used to the “Can do” attitude, and have various options of tasting and trying Science, Art, and Technology subjects in a friendly, this age only, girls-only, environment. The program will also prepare them for the next level – our Teens4Teens Club. We've been lucky to receive the Miriam Fund grant for 2021-2022 year to make this club even more successful!

Annual Membership fee is $200 for this program, and all classes and events offered during the year (June 2021-July 2022) under this program, will be FREE to them. They can choose as many, as they wish during each term. The membership is not refundable, not transferable, and not pro-rated, once the year begins. It doesn’t matter, if you join at the very beginning of the year, or in the middle of the year, your membership fee is the same and valid until June 30, 2022.

Members of this club are also automatically added to the Club Yeladim and may sign up for their classes, as well.

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