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Jookender Family Camp August 2024

Jookender Family Camp August 2024

Welcome to Jookender Family Camp!

Our family camp happens twice a year and brings lots of joy and happiness to everyone who had ever joined us! Traditionally, our September camp is happening at the grounds of Summer Camp Avoda. for the weekend of our camp, we will own the entire territory, including, but not limited to their private beach on a beautiful, secluded lake, free, unlimited use of boats, paddles, kayaks, and everything that swims, Climbing Walls, all kind of sport fields, tennis courts, etc. etc. The territory is very compact, yet, you'd always think there is plenty of space for another 100 participants. The food is great, and includes a healthy balance of fruits and veggies, and very dissent meat meals too. The rooms are very spacious, and there is a whole bunch of rooms to choose from - see explanations bellow.

Can you bring any interesting workshop to our camp? if so, we might compensate your volunteering efforts with a free stay for yourself and who knows - maybe for the whole family?

Have financial difficulties? Ask Sasha, she might be able to find a right solution for your family.

Sign up for our camp that will last from August 23 to August 25, 2024 and bring your friends!

Lets get together again!

If you’re a new family who has never camped with us in prior, please read carefully the description. If you are a returning family, please, also read it!

This event will take place at Camp Avoda, 23 Gibbs Rd, Middleboro, MA

The camp lasts from Friday night (Check in - 6:00pm) to Sunday night (Check out – 6:00pm)

Here, at our camp, both, parents and children get entertain.

For the children, we will be dividing them by age-appropriate groups, and Teen-Volunteers will be assigned to them. Teen-Volunteers are responsible to deliver your kids from one class to another, and, if capable and scheduled for – fill-in the gaps between scheduled activities. Please, treat our Teen-Volunteers (TVs) as children too. They are not responsible for the safety of your children – you do. This is a family camp, and parents are obliged to take an eye on their children.

We will be happy to invite Teenagers age 15 and up, who are either green card holders or citizens (for security reasons) to become Teen-Volunteers at the camp, FREE of Charge, as long as they are capable of performing the tasks well. If you’re not sure, please contact Nikol Lupu, our Teen-Volunteer Coordinator at

Lux houses set apart from other houses. You still need to bring your personal belongings, blankets, pillows (or sleeping bags), linens and towers with you. Actually, linens are provided, but we highly recommend you to bring your own. It is definitely less noisy there. You’ll be able to place your car next to the unit or as close as possible to the unit, instead of bringing it back to the parking lot. On the registration form, there is a short description of each building and you’ll be able to select a Lux house on your own, based on the availability. Lux house at a summer boy's camp is not exactly what you think of. They are more secluded might have air conditioning and heat, and glass windows, and a few better beds (see housing description in the registration form), but other than that, you must understand that it's just a term to distinguish a little better conditions from all other types of living. There is a room for a few tents in the same area, but we will only be placing them there, if you express any interest in having your friends in tents live near you and use your bathroom facilities.

Bunk Houses: This is just a camp, so you need to bring everything with you. The bunkhouse rooms are equipped with twin bunk beds, matrasses, dressers, and electricity. There is one portable heater per room. It’s up to you, if you wish to move the beds around, add a bed, remove one, etc. Each room is huge, capable of fitting up to 16 people.

Each Bunk House has 2 wings, each wing – one room, and they share bathrooms: 4 sinks plus 4 toilet cabins in each). The Shower House is a separate building (one for men, one for woman). Some bunkhouses are now equipped with outside, but attached to the bunkhouse, shower cabins. One more thing about the Bunk houses. The house numbers get changed every time – that’s the camp policy. So, if you’ve been in bunk 1 last time, this doesn’t mean that the same building will have that same number this time. Please, allow us to figure out, which unit is better for your family in particular.

Camp Sites: This is not your regular campsite. It's just a place for your tent. There is no place for additional furniture, no campfire near the tent, and no water or electricity. All tents go side by side, next to each other. You'll be using shower buildings and common bathrooms on the property. You will need to bring everything you normally bring for camping. If you don't have a tent, you may inquire in Jookender - we have some spare tents we can offer you free of charge for this event (but you will have to return them to us after the event).

Food: based on our conversation with camp, and your previous requests, food will include meat, chicken, pasta, rice, salad bar and deserts. If you note your allergies or medical diets (e.g. diabetes) on the registration form, the camp will accommodate you. Things, like milk replacement or any perishable food items can always be requested at the dining window, because that cannot be stored w/o a refrigerator for a long time. Snacks will also be included. Moreover, if you fill hungry, come any time to the kitchen, and “Grandma Ronni” will find something for you to chew on.

Activities: All activities, classes for kids and adults, and services like SPA or Sauna and common entertainment are included. You don't need to pay anything extra for participation during this weekend.

Schedule: As always, our schedule is based on several things: 1. Skilled Volunteers 2. Grants 3. Number of people signed up and paid full price for the camp. Therefore, we cannot have schedule for you right away. But trust us, we’re already working on schedule day and night, polishing and perfecting it. If you wish to look at one of our previous schedules (2019) camp schedule, download it from here. We will be informing you through our newsletter, as well, as through our Facebook group of any new/secured classes or events we’ll occur on camp.

Bracelets: we’ll try to make sure, each child’s group is no more than 15 kids/3 Teens, unless we have some activities that are for several groups at the same time, like sports activities, or animal show. We will also try to make sure, each group has an opportunity to make it everywhere, instead of signing up to one class or another. This might or might not be true with the Adults. Adults will not be divided by groups and will be able to join any activities, based on the spots available at the moment. Adults will all be belonging to 3 groups – commuters, participants, and volunteers/instructors. And this will be the only distinguisher between them. Each group will be wearing its color bracelets. Please, do not remove them. Teachers will not admit people without bracelets to their class (unless they are under 3 y.o.). Teen-Volunteers will be wearing 2 bracelets – one, green will represent their belonging to the group of Volunteers, and the other bracelet will depend on the group of assigned children, so parents and children could recognize their leader.

Parking: in designated areas only. No parking at the grass field at all. Once unpacked, please, move your vehicles to the designated parking area outside of the camp (where you've checked in upon arrival). Do not block roads and field entrances - they must be available for the Emergency vehicles entrance.

Teen-Volunteers: Please, remember, they are still children. The previous “generation” of the Teen-Volunteers went to colleges, graduated, or simply disappeared. The newly-selected Teen-Volunteers are inexperienced, and cannot be fully reliable. The Teen-Volunteers will be told to obey our rules and our assignments, not yours. They will be given specific requests, and they will be performing specific tasks for us. Please, make sure you understand, they will not change diapers, and will not babysit someone’s child, if the child refuses to be part of the group. They simply don’t have the capacity to do so. Please, be a responsible parent, not just a young adult came to get some fun.

Register Teen-Volunteers


Early bird special ends on June 30, 2024

Adults Child 2-12 y.o. Child under 2 y.o.
Early Bird Regular Early Bird Regular
Luxury Houses $200 $250 $100 $150 FREE
The Bunkhouse $150 $175 $50 $75
The Tent Site $100 $125 $50 $75
Commuter Fri-Sun $75 $100 $50 $50
Commuter Fri $25 $40 $25 $25
Commuter Sat $50 $75 $25 $25
Commuter Sun $50 $75 $25 $25

Return Policy: 100% until August 15 (11:59 pm EST), 50% return until August 23 (1:00 pm EST). No returns after the camp begins.

At the camp, we will be making a lots of pictures and post them at our fb group. you have to agree to this by default, if you wish to come to the camp.

Click on the document below to View/Download/Print:

Jookender Family Camp August 2024 Registration

• Click here if you've already registered and just need to add another family member to the existing reservation

(you must select the house to see more detailed description of it)

• Lux 1, Left Wing of the Infirmary: 1 Full Bath w/Tube, 2 rooms. 1st room - One Queen Size Bed. 2nd room - 2 twin mattresses could fit there, in addition to the existing sofa. Shared spaces too. Window A/C. Upgraded appliances and renovated rooms. Max 5 people.
• Lux 2, Right Wing of the Infirmary: 1 Shower/toilet/sink in the Master Bedroom. Master Bedroom - 1 Queen Bed. 2nd room- 3 new twin beds. Refrigerator. Window A/C. Shared Porch. Max 5 people. upgraded appliances, renovated rooms, new beds and mattresses.
• Lux 3, The Chef House: Living area w/sofa and refrigerator. 2 mattresses can be added. 1st room - 1 Full Bed, 2nd room - 1 Full/Queen Bed. 1 Twin Bed. Full Bath w/Shower. Screened porch overlooking lake. Windows A/C and Refrigerator. Max 8 people.
• Lux 5, Lakeview Tiny House: 1 Queen, 2 twins. Fridge on the screened porch. Full Bath w/Shower. Windows A/C. Max 4 people. Please note, this unit is pretty shabby, compare to other Lux units.

The price reflects a min of 2 adults signed up for a Lux.

Adult or Child 13+ - $250
Child (2-12) - $150
Child under 2 y.o. - FREE

There are 2 units in each bunkhouse (max 12 people in each), and there is one large bathroom with 4 closed toilet cabins, and 4 sinks w/mirror attached to each bunkhouse. We will be initially placing only one family (of 3 ppl or more) in one unit, but later on, with your permission, there will be a possibility to add more people in your unit. We will be matching families under 2 ppl to live together in the same unit (e.g. 2 moms + 2 boys, or 2 moms + 2 girls, of similar age, etc). You must bring your own personal belonging, towels, sleeping bags or sheets, blankets, pillows. The room is equipped with multiple stackable twin beds w/matrasses, clothes drawers, lights, and electrical outlets. heat units will be provided, if needed. We have now 2 separate shower buildings. One is for men - in the burgundy house together with men's toilets. One is for women - a large one in a grey building, the other side of the field, as shown on the map. However some bunkhouses now have shower cabins attached to them, in addition to the separate building. Each Bunkhouse has a shared waiting/living room with sitting places and lockers.

Adult or Child 13+ - $175
Child (2-12) - $75
Child under 2 y.o. - FREE

The price reflects a min of 1 adult, 1 child signed up for the bunk unit.

The Camp site is just a place for your tent. The tent will not be provided, however, can be rented out from Jookender (at no fee) while supplies last. You must bring your own personal belonging, towels, sleeping bags or sheets, blankets, pillows. There is no electricity or water provided directly to your site. There is no extra space for a table or a grill. We have a few areas where tents will be assigned. You may mention in the comments which location is preferable to you: Area 1 - on the field (partially overlooking the lake). Area 2 - at the back of the field behind the bunk houses, with Jookender Crew. Area 3 - random places at the camp, further from the crowd. Your place will be assigned to you. We have now 2 separate shower buildings. One is for men - in the burgundy house together with men's toilets. One is for women - a large one in a grey building, the other side of the field, as shown on the map.

Adult or Child 13+ - $125
Child (2-12) - $75
Child under 2 y.o. - FREE

If you'd prefer to book a hotel nearby or just commute from your house back and forth, than this is the best option for you.

Register Yourself First:

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Register your Family Members and everyone who stays with you at the same unit:

Total: $0

A Service Fee equal $0.60 + 4% of the total amount will be added for each online transaction.
This fee covers our handling and PayPal/credit card fees.

Jookender Waiver – Jookender Family Camp August 2024

I, on behalf of my family (and all participants I include into my reservation), voluntarily sign this waiver and assumption of risk in favor of the Jookender Community Initiatives, Inc and Camp Avoda in consideration for the opportunity to use the owner’s facilities, the facilities rented by or given to Jookender Community Initiatives, Inc, and Camp Avoda, or event set up for the Jookender Community Initiatives, Inc, and Camp Avoda that will take place August 23 - 25, 2024 .

I understand that there are certain risks and dangers associated with the activities and use of the facilities and that these risks have been fully explained to me. I fully understand the danger involved. I fully assume the risks involved as acceptable to our family members and other paticipants I personally register, and agree to use my best judgment in undertaking these activities and follow all safety instructions.

I waive and release Jookender Community Initiatives, Inc. and Camp Avoda from any claim for personal injury, property damage, or death that may arise from use of the facilities or from participation in the activities of Jookender Community Initiatives, Inc.

In regards to COVID-19, I will comply with

I am a competent adult and I assume these risks of my own free will.