Winter Family Retreat

Winter Family Retreat

Welcome to our Winter Family Retreat - catch the most of the winter with us! Spend a weekend, celebrate the Shabbat, bring the entire family with you and enjoy! We've got plenty of activities for all ages. This time, all outdoor sports equipment is also included: That's relevant for Cross Country skiing (boots, helmets, skis), snowshoeing, skating, downhill tubing. Everything exists and available free of charge for all.

Our host is The Berkshire Outdoor Center. 748 Hamilton Road, Becket, MA 01223

Enjoy 1500 acres of pure wilderness mixed with man-made enchantments. Beautiful Mountain Region, where every corner is scenic and tranquiling.

This time, you may choose to stay the entire weekend with us, or just one night - Friday night, or Saturday night. We'd like, of course to see you for the entire weekend, but we understand that there could be different circumstances for each family and we are OK with them.

The Food is Kosher Style - similar, as it was last winter retreat at the Eisner Camp. In fact, this place has been recommended to us by our last year Host and we think, it'll suit us very well!

All major diets and food allergies will be considered. Please, do not forget to mention yours in the application. Most common are Diabetes, Gluten-Free, Nut-Free, Dairy, and Vegetarian.

The Facilities are NUT-FREE, so please, do not bring nuts with you to your bedrooms.

Coffee, Tea, and sample snacks will be served all day in the Dining Hall. 6 meals included, if you stay the entire Weekend.

All activities, classes, outdoor equipment included in your price.

No pets, except for the Service Animals, can be brought to the retreat territory.

All living quarters are heated, each with their own heat regulator. All full bathrooms are inside the houses. Each house has some sort of a living room, sometimes, even with the fireplace that can be started at night. There are also 2 large fireplaces rooms near the dining hall, for larger gatherings. Plenty of activities will be running as inside, so also outside, so make sure, you bring warm clothes for the outside and sport clothes for the inside activities. Don’t forget your swimsuit and your beach tower. Most brave will be swimming in the lake, others cheering them up from a cozy Sauna, conveniently located just above the lake.

All beds are either twin bunk or just twin. You will need to bring your own blankets, pillows, and linens, or sleeping bags. The rooms are clean and warm.

Some bathrooms are handicap accessible, so please, let us know if you require one.

The full schedule of activities will be available closer to the camp dates, when we know how many groups we will create for kids and adults.

This time, we’re open our doors not only to families with kids and teens, but also, for young adults (no kids) and we’ll be creating their own exciting schedule, and they will probably get their own “living quarters” so they have plenty of time to mingle and enjoy their weekend, should we get at least a few signed up.

As for the volunteers, we’re still considering who we need and how many, and they’re going to be just Teens, not adults. Once we agreed on the number, we will open volunteers registration, as well.

Refund Policy:
100% refund - until Feb. 28th, 2019
50% refund from Feb. 28 to March 10 unless an equal replacement is found.
No refund after March 10 unless an equal replacement has been found.

Winter Family Retreat Registration

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All rooms share multiple unisex full bathrooms.

Adult - $198.00 for the entire weekend, $119.00 per one night
Child - $178.00 for the entire weekend, $99.00 per one night
( left)

4 people max per room. Basic Plus - only 3 more neighbors, share 2 bath, private entrance with living room.

$100 extra added per family for one night, or $150 for both nights
( left)

Bathroom detached, in front of, or next to the room.

$150 extra added per family for one night, or $200 for both nights
( left)

One bathroom for each room (detached). One kitchennette to share for all 5 Lux Plus rooms.

$200 extra added per family for one night, or $250 for both nights
( left)
$300 extra added per family for one night, or $350 for both nights
Lunch included. Lodging not included
Adult - $75.00 p/day
Child - $65.00 p/day
Prices increase $30 each after January 31, 2019

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A Service Fee equal $0.30 + 4% of the total amount will be added for each online transaction.
This fee covers our handling and PayPal/credit card fees.

Jookender Waiver – Winter Family Retreat

I, on behalf of my family (and all participants I include into my reservation), voluntarily sign this waiver and assumption of risk in favor of the Jookender Community Initiatives, Inc in consideration for the opportunity to use the owner’s facilities, the facilities rented by or given to Jookender Community Initiatives, Inc, or event set up for the Jookender Community Initiatives, Inc, that will take place 03/15/2019 – 03/17/2019.

I understand that there are certain risks and dangers associated with the activities and use of the facilities and that these risks have been fully explained to me. I fully understand the danger involved. I fully assume the risks involved as acceptable to our family members and other paticipants I personally register, and agree to use my best judgment in undertaking these activities and follow all safety instructions.

I waive and release Jookender Community Initiatives, Inc. from any claim for personal injury, property damage, or death that may arise from use of the facilities or from participation in the activities of Jookender Community Initiatives, Inc.

I waive and release Jookender Community Initiatives, Inc. from any claim associated with activities for which Jookender Community Initiatives, Inc. assisted with group rates.

I am a competent adult and I assume these risks of my own free will.

Please, sign the document with your full legal name.