Мы не боимся (Sold Out)

Мы не боимся

Although, the Play runs for several days, Jookender special is only for May 20, 2018.

The Israeli theater "Matara", led by Alexander Kaplan, brings us a topical new drama "We are not afraid" (based on the works of Alexander Kazarnovsky and Elena Ulanovsky).

Performances at Studio 368, Needham, MA
Friday, May 18, 7pm
Saturday, May 19, 7pm
Sunday, May 20, 2pm and 7pm
Studio 368, Needham, MA

"We Are Not Afraid" is an​ inspiring play, at t​he crossroads of various genres and theatrical modes​. In the powerful language of drama, the players discuss the most terrible problem of our time - Islamic terrorism and consequential worldwide anti-Semitism, which spreads like a disease through​ our planet. The ​Israeli troupe brings its own unique perspective on the problem.

The actors transport us to a ​Brussels Airport, the campus of an American university, the apartment of a famous German journalist of Jewish descent​, and a​ Parisian cafe ... ​Wherever the next piece​ of the play unfolds, the state of Israel is still at​ the center of attention, as a symbol of the hope that this war can be won. ​