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Attention: for the campaign Ukraine-Alex Medic, you may now donate directly to the Global Relief Disaster Team via

Jookender Community Comes Together To Support Ukraine

Hi, we’re organizing a shipment of food and necessities to Ukraine – those are commercial shipments that go directly to the addressee, for The Center for Assistance to the War Victims of Ukraine.

We choose to use commercial mailing, because this way, the entire shipping process takes less, and the help comes directly where it is needed instead of piling up at the border, as it happens with the humanitarian aid that gets shipped free. We ship only what we’ve been asked for, and our list of things gets updated every week. We keep direct contact with our end destination points and know when and what makes sense to send. Please, help us raise enough funds to send out necessities that are hard to find nowadays in Ukraine.

Jookender initiatives to support Ukraine in the news: