Jookender supports Israel and Ukraine!

Mayan Baram, South Shore Coordinator

Mayan Baram, South Shore Coordinator.

I'm excited to be part of Jookender organization. I'm looking forward to working with the Russian Speaking Community.

I was born in South Ukraine and lived there through my teenage years. Then my family relocated to Israel. I absorbed the Israeli culture, learned and became fluent in Hebrew language and developed many friendships. While I lived in Israel I worked as a department manager in drugstore chain. I improved my organizational skills as well as expanding my communication skills.

When my husband and I moved to the United States I was able to enjoy raising my children and adjust to my new country.

After a period of time I felt that my knowledge of Hebrew language and my experience living in Israel would benefit others. I have been able to pass on my love of Israel and Hebrew language skills to many children.

Although I live in the United States, both my Russian upbringing as well as my love of Israeli culture are an embedded part of my family.

As I teach Hebrew to children I especially enjoy noticing their excitement as they learn and connect to the culture through language.

In this position my goal is to connect Russian speaking families in the South Shore area and create a vibrant community.

Mayan Baram