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The Melting Pot, Learn and Earn program for Teenagers

The Melting Pot, Learn and Earn program for Teenagers

Welcome to the Melting Pot program! This program runs for the entire school year, and offers an opportunity of not just learning and practicing, but earning real money for the teaching they conduct. Although, not a must, but 2 years spent on the program earn a Junior Educator Certificate, that is later may become a valuable asset when applying to college or internship. The program is hybrid – the learning happens online, and the practice, mostly in-person. Unless you’re from another state. In this case, you may practice only online and in general, have less opportunities to earn real money for your teaching skills. The cost of the annual program doesn’t change, whether you decide to just follow the online programming or practice in-person.

During this program, students learn the aspects of teaching, planning, listening, and responding. They learn to be patient and attentive, smiling and enthusiastic, engaging and funny. They develop their own learning programs and mastering them by teaching to the real audience. In addition to the favorite subjects, they learn a great deal of Jewish customs, history, and traditions – on a secular level.

Students accepted to this program also go through an informal CIT training and make very good and desirable counselors in Summer Camps.

Jookender also welcomes students from this program and happy to hire them as real instructors for their children programs.

For the in-person practice that earns real cash, a student must commit for at least one weekend per month (either Sat or Sun, and the weekend itself may change, nothing is in stone).

We accept students that are in grades 7-11 as of School Year 2022-2023.

Early Bird Special: $450/year long (before May 31)
Regular price: $600/year long

Early registration has been extended until June 15th