The Melting Pot, Learn and Earn program for Teenagers (Sold Out)

The Melting Pot, Learn and Earn program for Teenagers

The Melting Pot Program will run slightly differently from the previous years.

We’ll be learning in units, and have a project to present after each unit. The units will include preparation as for the online classes, so for the in-person classes and events. Units, included in the next year will be:

• Jewish Holidays

• Jewish History

• Birthday Parties

• Healthy Diet

• Debates

• Book/Movie Club

• Tutoring

• Family Camp

• STEM Fair

We’ll be learning how to plan, organize, and run the activities, and how to work with a real-time budget for them. Teens will be reimbursed for preparation and execution of the activities. There will be some extra time for practice during weekends for those who has time and other qualifications. Teens will be working in groups and individually.

There is always an opportunity to earn back what parents have been paid for the classes, and even more. This program also serves as a great foundation for joining later the Social Entrepreneurship class.

• Early Bird Special - $450/year (until June 30, 2021), $600/year regular price.
• FREE for the participants of Teens Universal Club.