Dan Kantorovich

Dan Kantorovich

I am always looking for a challenge. In a choice between a relaxing, fun summer job and an excruciating, grueling, relentless summer internship I will always opt for the pain. It is through biting off slightly more than I can chew that I develop the most from, not only professionally, but mentally too. That is exactly what I did last year and it is only the continuation of a trend I've consistently taken on throughout my life.

During the spring of 2017 I entered a world of no sleep, sacrifice, and full throttle productivity. I took a position as branch manager for the company Collegiate Entrepreneurs where I was mentored and guided through the process of creating a business from thin air using a simple model of a painting company. I got to experience every aspect of business. Recruiting employees, training, managing, marketing, sales, customer service, communication, data analysis, planning and goal setting, and, of course, painting. I was thrown into a boiling pot of skills I have not been exposed to yet and I loved it. It was not only becoming proficient in each individual category, but it was understanding how every single one works together in a broader lens. I realized my strengths and excelled them to a new level of mastery. Most importantly I realized my weaknesses and pushed through them to a level proficiency. I ended the year with selling and producing $30,000, and many lasting relationships with past clients.

Did it go smoothly? Absolutely not. I stumbled more than anyone through the process, but I am thankful for every block in the road because it was there that I learned the most. And while many dropped out of the summer internship once they hit a rock in the road, I said bring it on and swung fists first at every boulder.

This is the exact reason why the field of entrepreneurship has always fascinated me: it is a grand leadership position. It requires not only a wide range of skills, but an ability to strategize and use them holistically. More importantly, it isn’t just a niche skill that can only be used in one industry. It is very versatile not only throughout the market but in life as well. The mentality and principles this field takes on is the most grueling yet fruitful aspect. It is the reason why most fail. Not only does it require a strong and specific mentality but it builds on it and creates a stronger individual. Entrepreneurship is the oasis of valuable life skills.

I am proud to say that any job or experience I have taken on has only built on me developing these valuable life skills. Whether it be running a painting business, building my own brand as a magician, or, most recently, taking part in a crowdfunding campaign, I constantly look for opportunities to develop these core principles: Leadership, communication, and presentation skills. It is the reason why I believe I would make a great candidate for this position.

I believe I can really play a big part in this program not only because of my experience in online marketing and fundraising, but because I possess the drive to work in a self accountable environment. Taking on as much responsibility in a project, taking ownership, and staying in consistent communication are irreplaceable skills when it comes to working with a team and on any project. These skills are my strengths and I will definitely be taking on a leadership role if I am considered into this program.

I would love to be a part of this team. I am ready to take on new challenges and I am hungry to keep developing my entrepreneurial mentality. This program not only meets my interests and abilities but more importantly my future ambitions. It is the place I can feed my passion and play a big part in helping you reach your goals.