Online Children Club "Yeladim"

Online Children Club "Yeladim"

Registration for the Club Yeladim 2020-2021 is closed.
You may still sign up for the Spring Semester Classes individually, once the registration is ready.

Club Yeladim Current Offerings:

Welcome to our Children Club “Yeladim”!

Do you know, what does the word “Yeladim” mean? It means “Children”. We invite all children 5-12 y.o. (or, per parent discretion) join the club!

Throughout the year, until 06/30/2021, Jookender will be offering all online classes and events FREE to the members of this club. That’s right! Once signed up for the class, your child becomes eligible to join each and every class or activity offered online for this age group. There is no limit of how many classes your child can attend: as long as that class still have spots available, you may sign your child to attend. There is no commitment. If you your child doesn’t like a class, he/she may drop it at any time, leaving a space for someone else from the class to try it. The possibilities are infinite. We add new and exciting programs each term, and we add online events and activities on a monthly basis. Moreover, we run virtual camps during the school vacation time (in Massachusetts), and we’re just finishing our Summer classes – we had them every single workday during July and first half of August 2020.

We keep listening to the parents of the club members a lot! We’ve created a WhatsApp group for the parents and discuss their all interesting ideas, resolve all issues or concerns. Once you become a parent of the Club Yeladim member, your opinion really matters. If you’re interested in a certain class, we make sure you’ll have an access to such sometimes, during the year.

This Summer, we’ve been offering our Club Yeladim members the following activities:

• I am a Leader/Teammate

• 3D Origami

• Art Step-by-step Classes

• Knitting and Sewing Class

• History Quests

• Introduction to Science and Animation

• Open Play with Teenagers

• Children MozgoParties

And much, much more… All to make your child happy and occupied during these uncertain summer time, when most of the camps are closed.

This Fall of 2020, we’re planning the following programs:

• Russian language for the bilingual children

• Chess

• Logic and Math

• Fine Art

• Jewish Crafts

• Cooking

• Hebrew

• Spanish

• School of Magic

• 3-D Origami

• History Quests

• Dance Class

• Book Club

• Movie Club

• Children MozgoParties,

• And much, much more…

The children in classes are divided by age groups. We’re dividing them to up to 4 different age groups per subject. Sometimes, classes are good to run for any age group, but in most cases, they are focused on a specific age. We make sure all age groups have plenty of subjects to choose for.

All classes run at least after 4:00 pm EST workdays, and for a few hours during the weekends. Each class is structured to run one day a week. Sometimes, homework is expected. The group size for each class is relatively small – from 5 to 15 students to the instructor. That provides with a good, close connection between the each student and the instructor, and allows both to dive deep into the material. We also provide training to our teachers and require them to keep close connection to the parents of their students, sending weekly emails describing the material covered over the class, reminding of any homework or addressing any issues. A parent may always get in touch with the teacher via email or Facebook, or even phone, if necessary.

You pay for each child ONLY $150 per year and it is tax-deductible. This is only possible because we’re confident we will have enough children to support this model, as well, as enough donors to stand behind our programs. Yes, you need to pay for each child, even if they are sitting behind the same screen all the time. Please, be respectful of other families and do not try to “hide” a child – this secret will be revealed much sooner than you expect it, and you may face the permanent eviction from the club, with no possibility to return and no money back.

But what about our offline activities? If they are permitted, we will continue offering them as well. We can’t wait to conduct another family camp or go to a fascinating travel journey! The in-person (off-line programs) are not a part of the Online Club Yeladim, and will be charged separately on a per program/event basis. But if the in-person programs are not permitted, we will still be in a good shape with our online programs! Your fees will help us to survive and thrive! And the grants will help to make this program an excellent addition during any time!

Also, the online programs will help other Russian-Jewish Communities from all over the states join us! During the 2020 Spring and Summer time we spotted New York, New Jersey, Maryland, California and South Carolina, in addition to the New England families who have joined us for our online events and programs. Recognizing that none of us is as strong as all of us, Jookender welcomes everyone. Let's tikkun olam ("Repair the World") together.

So, what are you waiting for? Become a member right now! You may still be able to participate in some Summer activities, as well!

Remember, you pay only the annual membership fee (not prorated and not refundable) and enjoy all online classes for children age 5-12 FREE of charge!