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Learn and Earn Teens - Mondays

Learn and Earn Teens - Mondays

Registration for the Melting Pot, Learn and Earn program for Teenagers for the 2020-2021 school year is now open! No experience necessary to start! Students get many opportunities to develop leadership skills through training and hands-on experience. They serve as teachers and teacher assistants at our events, classes, and camps, and become an essential component of all our initiatives. If they are under 15 y.o, they will earn gift cards to any store they desire such as Amazon, Steam, iTunes, etc, and if they are 15 and up, they can fill out W-9 forms and officially get paid for their services (assuming they are eligible to earn money in the US). Each student has the opportunity to earn back the price of the program based on their involvement, availability, and desire. Please note that this is a pilot, experimental program - but it still is a great chance for students to get off electronic devices and immerse into the Jewish Educational Experience while earning money for their efforts.

This is a chance for teenagers from grades 8-12 to earn real cash while learning Jewish values, Traditions, and History, how to plan and deliver classes, and have fun with friends. While some teens are reserved, some are open-minded, some are better with kids, and others with projects and computers, all eligible teens get accepted, and all are offered multiple opportunities to earn money based on their various skill sets. Teens with a little more flexibility and availability and who are good with young children may even earn double or triple the original program’s cost by the end of the year.

Students must attend 9 weekly sessions on Mondays from 7:15 to 8:30 pm (EST) per term. Most opportunities arise during normal weekends and especially on Mondays of long weekends. During the Zoom-only period, Students will have opportunities to earn money throughout the entire week, not just "No School Mondays" and Weekends. All of these earning opportunities are offered each term, and every term teaches new topics, having teens steadily learn more and more while mastering teaching, leadership, and team-building skills. This pilot program is only $150 p/term with some earnings guaranteed, as long as the teen attends all classes and presents (or plans) their own class.

Currently, we’re accepting teens from all 50 states for the online version of this program. If, later in the year, we will be able to meet inn person, we will offer the current MA-based students a choice to continue with online programming or to switch for an off-line version at no extra cost.

Here is a sample of programs Students delivered during the previous year (both online and offline):

• 2 Monday Camps (No School Mondays)

• Jewish Holiday Celebrations

• Book Clubs and Movie Clubs

• Art Lessons

• Computer Lessons

• Science Demonstrations

We only accept a limited number of students, so register now while we still have space available!

Refund policy: 100% refund (prorated, if paid for the entire year at once, and dropped earlier on a per/term basis) until before the first day of each term. (September 13, January 10, or April 4), no refund after that.

For example, you paid $350 for the full year, but dropped after 2 terms, your refund is only $50, because 2 terms paid separately are $150 each.

Another example, as if you paid for just first term ($150), and dropped 1 day prior to the beginning of the class – your refund is $150.

This event is free, but donations are welcome. Would you like to donate today?

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