Event: Learn and Earn - Teens

Learn and Earn - Teens

Melting Pot Teen Program The Melting Pot, Learn and Earn program for Teenagers, 2nd term is now open! No experience necessary to start! Teens get an opportunity to develop leadership skills though training and hands-on experience. They serve as teachers and teacher assistants at our events, small groups, and camps, and become an essential component of all our initiatives. If they are under 15 y.o. they earn gift cards to the desirable places, such as amazon, google play, itunes, etc. and if they are 15 and up, they will out W-9 and receive real money for their services. The cost associated with the program helps to aquire the supplies, to invite teaching professionals to run classes, and to pay for the facility use. Each student have an equal opportunity to earn as much or even more than the actual cost of the program - based on their involvement, availability, and desire. Please, note: this is a Pilot, experimental program - but a great chance to your Teens to get off the electronic devices and immerce into Jewish Educational Experience.

This is a chance for teenagers, grades 8-12 to earn real cash, while learning Jewish Values and History, planning and delivering classes, and making fun with friends. Some teens are reserved, some are open minded. Some are better with kids, others - with projects and computers. With this program, all teens accepted, are guaranteed to earn per term at least as much money as their parents pay for them. Teens with a little more flexibility and availability, who are good with children of younger ages, will double or even triple the earnings. Imagine, if you're not just volunteering, bringing kids from one class to another, but earning some extra cash for it. For that, you need to study the stuff in-demand for our current events. And learn, how to integrate the things you love, such as math, science, computers, history, into our Jewish values world.

Students must attend 9 weekly sessions on Mondays, 7:15 to 8:30pm and the earning possibilities are during the weekends and mondays. All earning possibilities are within the given term, and the next term is not repeating the previous one in topics, so you learn and progress steadily, each term, while mastering your teaching and publish speaking skills, gaining leadership and team building skills. Pilot program is only $100 p/term with earning guarantee, as long as the teen attends and presents.

Limited number of students accepted.

Refund policy: 100% refund until before the first day of the club (January 5th or April 5th), no refund after that.

Attention 2nd Term Participants. The program will be taken completely online via ZOOM, during the coronovirus pandemic. Teens will be learning online, and also plan and conduct online projects only to the general public. Although, the classes and workshops Teenagers will prepare, will be distributed free of charge to the community, Teenagers will be reimbursed for their online teaching efforts, as if they would run regular, off-line classes. Once the pandemic is over, we will return to a normal mode with in-person learning sessions, and in-person events for the community. The Pilot Program costs stay the same.