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Jookender Summer Day Camp in Framingham, MA for 5-12 y. o.

Jookender Summer Day Camp in Framingham, MA for 5-12 y. o.

Welcome to the Jookender Summer Day Camp 2023! Can’t believe we’re almost there! This year, the camp is going to be really unforgettable!

Jookender provides fun-filled, exciting and innovative summer programs that are rich with activities and grounded in Russian-Ukrainian-Jewish traditions. Our flexible activities and academic environment, both make for all-compassing experience. Our Expert staff recognizes each campers’ strengths to support the growth of our younger campers while building character in our older ones. Campers thrive in our structured environment complete with small groups, daily routines, and a consistent learning program. Ideally, we’ll put together 3 groups of 8 people in each, by age: 6-7, 8-9, and 10-11 y.o. Outdoor activities, meals, and field trips are happened for all children together, however, academic classes are separate by the age group. We will also be teaching children some independence. They would learn to prepare simple meals, serve the table, clean up, and share.

Lunch is provided by Natalia Goldfain Catering service. Gluten FREE option will be included, if you mention it in the registration form. Please, mention all other diets and allergies in the "Any allergies and special accommodations" field, so we are able to honor them. We generally cook without Nuts, however, we’re NOT a nut-free facility. We will always have a lactose-free milk in addition to regular milk, water, and juices. For snacks, we will always have organic fruits, yogurts, drinks, and chips. However, you’re welcome to bring your own food.

We will be inviting animal shows visiting us, so keep this in mind if your child is allergic to animals.

We’re not an accredited camp and don’t have an RN on premises. If your children are not feeling well, extremely homesick, or don’t behave properly, they will be sent back home. If your child has any severe allergy, for anything - please, provide us with an epi-pen for this child. It's your responsibility to provide one, as well, as letting us know about any such situation. In the last week before the camp starts please, scan both sides of your child's medical card insurance and dental insurance (if any) and email this info to us

9 am – 11:30 pm – Outdoor Sports/Play – all (snack outside)

12:00 pm - Lunch

1:00 pm

  • Group 1 – Russian Language
  • Group 2 – Hebrew and Traditions
  • Group 3 – Lego Class

2:00 pm

  • Group 1 – Hebrew and Traditions
  • Group 2 – Lego Class
  • Group 3 – Russian Language

3:00 pm

  • Group 1 – Lego Class
  • Group 2 – Russian Language
  • Group 3 – Hebrew & Traditions

4:00 pm (starting w/snack, then)

  • Cooking Class – All

5:00 pm

  • Animal Adventures – All

6:00 pm – Adjourn!

  • 6/26 - 6/30
  • 7/03 - 7/07 (Week of 4th of July - $100 less)
  • 7/10 - 7/14
  • 7/17 - 7/21
  • 7/24 - 7/28
  • 7/31- 8/04
  • 8/07 - 8/11
  • 8/14 - 8/18
  • 8/21 - 8/25
  • 8/28 - 9/01

Early Bird Special: Save $100 per week, per child, plus no registration fee for the camp. Early Birds Special ends February 28th, 2023.

1 week 2-3 weeks 4-7 weeks 8 + weeks
Early Bird 9am-4pm 500 p/week 475 p/week 450 p/week 425 p/week
Early Bird 9am-6pm 650 p/week 625 p/week 600 p/week 575 p/week
Regular 9am-4pm 600 p/week 575 p/week 550 p/week 525 p/week
Regular 9am-6pm 750 p/week 725 p/week 700 p/week 675 p/week

Each sibling always gets $50 p/week discount on top of all other discounts.

100% - until April 30, 2023

50% - May 1 - June 20, 2023

After June 20th, you may change weeks for your child, but no refund is provided.

If your child Tested Positive for COVID-19, and the proof is provided, you may switch your child to another week during the same Summer 2023. If your child tested positive at the very last week of our programming, then we will issue a credit for the amount paid, that is good to apply for other programs during the year. No cash refunds will be made.

You may choose one or more weeks for your camper. The discount for multiple weeks will be automatically calculated, and the weeks don’t have to be in the consecutive order. Siblings always get a $50 discount for each week, in addition to the early bird special.

Have any questions or concerns before signing up for the camp? Please, address them to Sasha at

Jookender Registration


Jookender Waiver – Jookender Summer Day Camp in Framingham, MA for 5-12 y. o.

I, on behalf of my family (and all participants I include into my reservation), voluntarily sign this waiver and assumption of risk in favor of the Jookender Community Initiatives, Inc in consideration for the opportunity to use the owner’s facilities, the facilities rented by or given to Jookender Community Initiatives, Inc, or event set up for the Jookender Community Initiatives, Inc., that will take place June 26 - September 1, 2023.

I understand that there are certain risks and dangers associated with the activities and use of the facilities and that these risks have been fully explained to me. I fully understand the danger involved. I fully assume the risks involved as acceptable to our family members and other paticipants I personally register, and agree to use my best judgment in undertaking these activities and follow all safety instructions.

I waive and release Jookender Community Initiatives, Inc. from any claim for personal injury, property damage, or death that may arise from use of the facilities or from participation in the activities of Jookender Community Initiatives, Inc.

In regards to COVID-19, I will comply with

I am a competent adult and I assume these risks of my own free will.

Please, sign the document with your full legal name.

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