Event: Infinity - A Journey to your 7 Energy Centers (Sold Out)

Infinity - A Journey to your 7 Energy Centers

Chakras are our psycho spiritual energetic centers responsible for our emotional, mental, and physical well-being, our ability to grow spiritually, and self-realize. Our modern energy medicine is based on the chakra system - balanced chakras are the key to claiming your BIRTHRIGHT which is to live a HAPPY LIFE, FEEL SECURE, FEEL SELF- LOVE, FEEL LOVED, and INTERCONNECTED with all around.

Come as you are! No prior experience with yoga/meditation or special props is required. For the duration of the class you will choose the most comfortable position - for you - either sitting or laying down.

During our time together:

• You will learn about your 7 chakras

• Sense, open, and balance your chakras in a guided meditation

• Experience self-compassion, acceptance, love and kindness

• Relax, Restore, and Connect with supportive & nurturing community