Event: Infinity - Heart and Throat Chakras (Sold Out)

Infinity - Heart and Throat Chakras

Chakras are our psycho spiritual energetic centers responsible for our emotional, mental, physical well-being, ability to grow spiritually, and self-realize. Our modern energy medicine is based on the Chakra system and balanced chakras are the key to claiming your BIRTHRIGHT which is to live a HAPPY LIFE, FEEL SECURE, FEEL SELF-LOVE, FEEL LOVED, and INTERCONNECTED with all around.

Come as you are! No prior experience with yoga/meditation or special props will be required. It will not include yoga poses. For the duration of the class you will choose the most comfortable position for you either sitting or laying down.

During our time together:

• Learn about your Heart Chakra – energies of this chakra support the health of your cardio- vascular system, and lungs. Its aids you in being able to feel unconditional love, hope, compassion, and joyfulness.

• Throat Chakra – supports healthy functions of your throat, thyroid gland, jaws nose, ears, neck and shoulder muscles. It feeds your ability to listen, clearly express yourself, distill and purify your experiences, and manifest our desires into reality.

• Sense, open, and balance your chakra in a guided meditation

• Experience self-compassion, acceptance, love and kindness

• Relax, Restore, and Connect with supportive & nurturing communit