Yom Rishon Online Club Programs Fall 2021 Term

Dear Parents!

Welcome to the Club Yom Rishon, for children under 5 y.o.! We’ll be offering limited number of classes during the year, those that your children, 3-5 y.o. may start doing online, with adult supervision, or even without. This club also will be offering discounts and other perks for in-person gatherings. We will probably be offering classes for the fine motor skills development, Russian, some social studies, and arts/crafts/music classes. We’ll start to offering classes on Sundays, where there is no day care available, and later on, may be providing classes on the weekdays, if we have daycares or homeschooling groups sign up their children for the programs.

If your child is just turned 5 and you’re not sure which club works best to you, sign him up to the Club Yeladim. If you do so, you’ll automatically will be added to this club as well, so if something comes up in this club, you’ll be able to sign up your child with no additional fee. If your child is under 5 and is not going to the kindergarten in 2021-2022 school year, we recommend to sign your child to this club. The program will only be offered to the club members, no outsiders. So, you have sign up for the membership first, before considering any classes.

Of course, there is no discrimination and you, as a Parent, may choose the club that you think will suit your child the most, we just provide you a recommendation, based on past observations and experience.

All classes offered under this club will be completely FREE to your child. There is no min or max classes and no commitment. If at any moment you don’t feel like you want to continue with any class, you may simply drop it.

Looking for a place to sign for the membership to this club? Follow this link: https://www.jookender.org/Yom-Rishon-Online-Club.html

To continue browsing the classes already available, please, just scroll down.

Thank you for reading,
Sasha & The Jookender Team.

Please, once a year, fill out the COPPA form for your child (each child separately) and send it to jookender@gmail.com. Please name it COPPA_Notice_YourLastname.

Registration for the Fall 2021 Term is Open.