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Homeschool Chemistry for Kids

Homeschool Chemistry for Kids

Attention, February 2 class is being rescheduled, instead, your last class will be moved from March 9th to March 16th

Please read this before registering

This particular class has been brought to you by collaboration of Jookender and Outschool. Last week before the class, you’ll be receiving a welcoming email from the Outschool. If you already have an account with them, and you registered with the same email, you’ll just see this class added to your dashboard. If you’re new to the Outschool platform, you’ll be prompt to change your password. You don’t need to create a new account; it’ll be created for you.

Instead of Jookender, for this particular class, Outschool will be sending you class reminders, homework, and other communications, if any. For each class, you’ll be receiving a link, or you’ll be able to open it from your Outschool dashboard.

Outschool is here not to replace our classes, but to supplement them with reach and desirable content, otherwise not affordable at our Clubs.

We would appreciate it if you do not hesitate to contact Sasha and share your thoughts about the class, the teacher, and the overall Outschool experience. We tailor the program each term, based on your feedback.

Please, note: this is a generic description for all classes, brought to you in collaboration with Outschool.

Zoom link will be sent at the day of the event or the day before.

Please, once a year, fill out the COPPA form for your child (each child separately) and send it to Please name it COPPA_Notice_YourLastname.

Registration for the Homeschool Chemistry for Kids program closed.

If you have any questions, please address them to Sasha via email, or, in the whatsup group created for the parents of club Yeladim