Teen Clubs' Programs Fall 2021

Below, you’ll be finding Teen programs that belong either to the Universal Club (Core, business-related programs, usually run on an annual basis), or for the General Club (General subjects, such as STEM, Art, Languages), or to both clubs (Jewish Studies, Hebrew).

Generally speaking, all classes are free for the Universal Club Members (in both tabs, below).

All Core programs can be purchased individually and separately, without any membership, however, if you sign up for the Universal Club, then all those expensive programs will be FREE to you.

All general subjects, such as technology, science, languages, art, will only exist if you’re a member of General or Universal club member. In addition to general enrichment programs, there will be single day events and programs related to the future career choice, college preparation, and high school job/internship finding. The classes will not be offered outside of the clubs. Once you become general club member, your general classes are FREE during the year (July 2021-June 2022). New classes will be added for the Fall, Winter, and Spring Terms, and depends on the number of General Club members available in July, we might also add 1-2 programs during the Summer 6-week term in July-August.

Although, the clubs are listed for 14-18 y.o., we recommend all Boys 12+ to sign up for our General Teen Club. Our recommendation for Girls 11-14 is to join Go, Girls, for STEAM club instead of the general Teen Club. Of course, there is no discrimination and you, as a Parent, may choose the club that you think will suit your child the most, we just provide you a recommendation, based on past observations and experience. Boys 12-13 will automatically be also added to the club Yeladim, so they could take some classes from that club, if they wish to.

And then, there are very interesting Jewish studies and Hebrew for the secular students. They are FREE to both club members – General and Universal, and those classes are also offered for an extra fee for the outsiders, as well. To join Teenagers Clubs, please, proceed to https://www.jookender.org/Jookender-Teen-Club-Teens4Teens.html.

To continue browsing the classes already available, please, just scroll down.

Thank you for reading,
Sasha & The Jookender Team.

Please, once a year, fill out the COPPA form for your child (each child separately) and send it to jookender@gmail.com. Please name it COPPA_Notice_YourLastname.
*** All Universal Club Programs available for the non-members at a fee.