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Express-Course: Teacher Assistant

Express-Course: Teacher Assistant

Are you interested in earning some cash? Of course, you do! Especially, if you’re under 15 your opportunities to earn something are limited or none. But even if you’re over 15, what opportunities do you usually get? A grocery store? Babysitting? Dog Walking? Mc Donald?

Here, at Jookender, you have an opportunity to help the teacher, work with children, become more creative, practice your DIY skills, and earn real money!!!! (Or, gift cards, if you’re under age for earning in MA). You must be a legal resident here, and your family must have legal rights to work!

Bi-lingual (English, Russian) is a huge plus.

In the online (via ZOOM) sessions with Sasha, you will work on:

  • Safety Practices
  • Patience
  • Ice-Braker Games
  • Various Arts & Crafts activities
  • Time Management
  • Team Work
  • Leadership

In the in-person practice days, you will apply everything you learned at the real classes with real children under 12 y.o. and continue learning new stuff that is only possible to teach by practicing.

No matter where you live, but keep in mind, that you must be able to attend practice days in our Framingham, MA location! You will only get the certificate of completion upon finishing your practice days. However, you may choose your practice days later on, when you know your all other schedules. The sooner your complete your practice, the sooner, you will get the opportunities to be hired and paid!

Apply today!

Attention, March Cohort will run on Tuesdays, starting from March 5. All ages, 12.5 to 16 welcome to join.

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