Secular Jewish Hour

Secular Jewish Hour

Israeil Heist (ограбление по-израильски): how Arab officer saved Israel in Six-Day War. Join an interactive session about one of the most successful and secretive Massad operation of 20th century

"Fake Jews - the greatest scam of 19-th century": Join a fascinating journey through the story of one of the most brilliant deception in history. Learn how one man could cheat three Russian Tsars and save thousands of Jews from death

Olympics: Doping, Antisemitism and betrayal - all truth about professional sport from the member of the Russian National Team Learn real life of pro sport from the insider.

Zoom link will be sent to those signed up for the class at the day of the event or a day before.

Registration for the Secular Jewish Hour program closed.

If you have any questions, please address them to Sasha via email, or, in the whatsup group created for the parents of club Yeladim