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Purim Celebration

Purim Celebration

🎉✨ Get ready for an extraordinary Purim celebration at Jookender! 🎭👑 Join us in a unique and joyous way as we invite children to partake in the Purim Shpil. 🤩 Not only will they dive into the festivities, but they'll also score their very own costume to rock at home!

📚🎨 Our program goes beyond the ordinary, offering a delightful exploration of the Purim story and exciting projects to enhance the learning experience. Plus, we've got snacks and special gifts in store to cap off the celebration! 🍭🎁 Make this Purim one to remember at Jookender!

🌈 Experience the perfect blend of fun and Jewish history without the heaviness of religious content. Our celebration is conducted in Russian or a mix of Russian and English, ensuring a diverse and inclusive environment for everyone.

🌟 Hurry up, spots for this extraordinary Purim celebration are limited! Reserve yours today and don't miss the chance to create lasting memories for your children in a festive and culturally rich atmosphere at Jookender! 🎊👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 #PurimCelebration #JookenderFun

Вместе с детьми, мы поставим настоящий Пуришпиль, где у каждого участника будет своя роль! Дети будут иметь возможность выбрать себе костюм (и забрать его домой!), а, также сделать Мишлоах Манот и Трещалки своими руками! А после представления, их ждет угощение! Родители - вы может остаться или покинуть нас, но имейте ввиду, что детям гораздо приятнее играть представление для вас, а не ради них самих.

Registration for the Purim Celebration program closed.