Teens, Go Creative 101 (Sold Out)

Teens, Go Creative 101

Dear Teens! Aren’t you excited? If you’re open to the new technologies, if you consider yourself “Computer Savvy”, if you like learn various advertising and presentation software, this course is for you!

Accepted all Teens, Grade 7 and above. No previous experience necessary.

During the year, we’ll have 15 amazing sessions that will help you to understand how to use the software and apply your creativity to develop a variety of marketing materials – presentations, photo albums, animated slide shows, videos, and cartoons. You’ll also learn how to work with stock photography and video sites, add music and special effects to your projects.

All materials are included, all – browser-based, just bring your laptop with you and have chrome browser installed. No homework, or a very light homework for the extra credit/community hours.

During the year, you’ll also have an opportunity to earn up to 20 Community Hours, serving Jookender Nonprofit organization.

• Tuition cost: Early Bird special - $450 (until June 30, 2021), regular is $600.
• FREE to the Teens4Teens Universal Club Members.
• Registration Deadline – September 25th, 2021.