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Jookender Teen Club - Teens4Teens (14-18 y.o.) (Sold Out)

Jookender Teen Club

Welcome to the Jookender Teen Club!

We offer many exciting programs for Teenagers! Our programs often include earning of the Community hours and paid Internships for the High School Students. We offer Year-long, as well, as term-long programs for various ages, for Teens, age 13.5 to 18 y.o.

Traditionally, this club did not have any membership fee, but each program had its own cost. We’re planning to offer our Core Jewish & Business Programs (Social Entrepreneurship, The Melting Pot, Fundraising, Crowdfunding, Israel4Teens, etc.) same way, as before, but we would like to offer a Club Membership now, as well, for those Families, who want to have it all, or the opposite, want general club classes only.

General Club Classes (Such as Art, Languages, Science, Technology) – Annual Membership - $350.

Members of this club will be providing us with ideas – what kind of subjects would they want, what days do they have available, and we will work hard to make them happy. The membership is from July 2021 to June 2022. Most of the classes offered are online classes, but there will be some hybrid classes and in-person practice available, as well.

General Club Classes will only be open to the Club members for now. We need to get at least 20 members to be able to offer a significant number of classes each term. All General classes will be FREE to the Club members, with the annual membership (July 2021 – June 2022)

Universal Annual Membership = General + Core Programs - $1350

Universal membership includes both, the Core Programs and General programs and provide an ultimate learning experience for a Teenager. All classes for Teens, general and core are FREE, with this membership (subject to requirements and eligibility). Considering that each Core program's annual cost is anywhere between 400 and 600, a membership is a great not-to-be-missed deal. All Core programs Students will be given a priority in consideration, once an opportunity for the paid Internship or Volunteering arises.

If you decided to become a member of the Teen club, you should be aware, that the membership is not refundable, not transferable, and not pro-rated, once the year begins. It doesn’t matter, if you join at the very beginning of the year, or in the middle of the year, your membership fee is the same and valid until June 30, 2022.