Secular Jewish Hour

Secular Jewish Hour

February 9: First Israel "Gagarin".

How to observe Shabbat in space? Who was the Israeli 'Gagarin'? Where to attach a mezuzah on a space ship? What does connect Iraq and Cape Canaveral?

You can find out all that and more at Israel Space Class

March 11: "Japanese Moses"

Join a fascinating journey through the story of a man who quarreled Japan and fascist Germany, saved thousands Jews from Holocaust and founded Chinese Jewish community

About Ilya Khinskiy:

• Ilya Khinskiy (37 years old). Born in Moscow, Russia. Was a member of Russia National Team, Greco-Roman Wrestling (Champion of Moscow, Germany, Norway. Silver medal in Maccabean games).
• After finishing professional sports career, started professional Jewish career. Worked as a director of programs in Moscow Hillel, organized project "Jew Tour - young Jewish trips", in which more than 600 young Jewish participants vising 9 countries on three continents.
• Currently lives in Philadelphia

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