Event: Independent with Jookender! - Italy - Learning the Lessons from Ancestors

Independent with Jookender! - Italy - Learning the Lessons from Ancestors

Welcome to Jookender! If you come to this page, you probably have already heard the rumors about this tour. It’ll be magnificent. But you have to understand that this is not your typical tour, when everyone is loaded to the same bus for the entire day of traveling, and dropped to the same hotel at night. No, no, we’re not a travel agency. Our tours require attention, patience and – yes, even homework. And, also it requires to use rented car to drive from one destination to another on the most part of this trip. But it’s the way to see the most out of any place and especially, Italy, where every village deserves special attention.

Jookender creates day-to-day itinerary, arranges and pays for bus and walking tours, provides Teen Experiences and Jewish Content, and create self-drive schedules. The RT Tickets, Rented Car, Hotel, and most of the meals are not included in this type of travel.

All group tours are going to be in English, because this trip is focused on our Teenagers and we are most interested in being able to create an interesting experience to them. However, in a few occasions, there will be also some audio tours available in Russian, and we will sure offer this to our group.

This year, we’re heading to Italy – a country with great ancient legacy and not always fortunate Jewish history. You and your Teens will discover Italy’s culture, art, architecture, and food, and spot the most breathtaking views of the country, while learning in parallel some Jewish aspects – from the Jewish War in Judaea (70-71 CE) to the World War II and the Holocaust.

Here is the thing: read this description and decide whether it’s for your family or not. If it is for you, go for it, and also purchase RT tickets from BOS to FCO. To start this tour with us, you need to arrive in the morning of April 16th. Our Tour starts at the afternoon of the same day. You don’t need a car for the first couple of days. Rome is very accessible by train that runs directly from the airport (about 16 Euro p/p) or a Bus – (around 7 Euro per person). It’s up to you, but I would suggest saving a buck or two and not renting the car from the very first day. There is one more reason for that. If you rent your car for the entire length of the trip, it’ll take you over 1 week, and the rent will be almost equal a two-week price. You do not really need your car until April 18th, unless your hotel is outside of the Rome Metropolitan area and is not reachable by public transportation.

You only need your car during our self-driving days. You will not need to use your car inside of the large cities where we stay overnight. There, we will be meeting as a group in the morning and spend pretty much all day together. If you'll be renting your hotel in the area we point to you, it'll be a walking distance to the place we meet. If you decide to stay at a different location, within the city limits, there is always enough public transportation to get you to the heart of the city.

Attention: Starting from January 2020, in order to rent a car in Europe, you need to obtain International Drivers Permit. It can be done in your local AAA. Read More: https://www.tripsavvy.com/drivers-permit-italy-468470

Do not worry about the hotels just yet. For every place we’re staying overnight, we will provide you with a list of possible hotels of different value that situated in the same area, within walking distance from each other. We prefer that you choose of the hotels we offer you, but then, again, you may decide to find something on your own, an apartment or hostel and do not use our list – that’s fine too. As long as you are able to arrive to the place of our first meeting the next day on time, you’re fine. It’s just when all hotels close to each other, it creates more opportunities for families to interact – and our major goal is to build strong family bonds.

Once registration begins, I will start a Facebook Chat and invite everyone purchased our tour to join us. There, you will see a list of hotels, maps, great deals for car rentals and many other things, that we can discuss all together.

The Day-to-Day final schedule will be available later when we actually confirm all tours. We cannot do that until we get your payments, so the sooner we receive them all, the better our chances to get most for your dollars.

Please, note: The amount you pay (especially if you do it until November 1st) is less than ½ of the real cost of our portions of the tour. So, even if you’re 1-2 days late, we do not pro-rate our tickets. But, what we can do, if you stay longer after our tour is over, to re-create for you the experiences of the first 1-2 days, so you can follow them through in your own pace, when most people are on their way home.

Please, also note, that there is no refund or exchange after the registration is over. Once the last spot sold out, there registration will naturally ends and active booking on our side begins. We will only allow up 30 people on the tour, with 10-12 Teens in total.

So, the hourly schedule will not be available until after registration, no less than one month prioir to the trip. But we sure want to give you some taste of what to expect:

In Rome, we will be touring the ancient city, visiting Coliseum and Vatican, stroll through Jewish Ghetto and neighborhood, celebrate Kabbalat Shabbat (Dinner) together, and create a few fun experiences for our Teens, who we should thank for being able to slash ½ of the entire tour price for each of you. Of course, we should thank not them, but the generous philanthropy foundations that allowed us to do so.

We will spend the first 2 nights in Rome, so your check in time: April 16, check out time April 18.

Then, we go to the coast to a beautiful array of sea villages called Cinque Terre and spend one night there. On our way, you’ll have an opportunity to visit several UNESCO-preserved towns on your own. Check in April 18, Check out April 19. After that we’re heading to Venice with a few interesting places to visit on your route, and in Venice we stay 2 nights, Check in April 19, check out April 21. In Venice we, of course, also have some tours and Teen experiences, and also visit 4 beautiful islands. Then, we go to Florence and discover this beautiful Tuscan city, along with Pisa, and other surrounding towns – 1 night, check in April 21, check out April 22. After Florence we’re heading back to Rome through the beautiful Tuscan villages, visiting medieval and renaissance town along our path. In Rome are staying the last 2 nights – check in April 22, check out April 24. April 23 is our FREE day in Rome, with an option to go and see Pompei and the Amalfi Coast, on the bus – a full day, about 13 hours tour.

This will give you a general idea of what we will be visiting, but we ask you not to book your hotels until we finalize the schedule, as it might be some slight alterations there that we do not want you to miss.

In our opinion, you do not need your rented car after you have returned to Rome (you only needed April 18 to April 22), but make yourself comfortable and listen to your own reasons.

So, what it costs:

• $350 p/p if you book it until November 1st

• $395 p/p if you book from November 1st to November 30th.

• $445 p/p if you book it from December 1st to December 31st.

Optional, Tour of Pompei and Amalfi Coast - $220 p/p. You will need to decide about this tour at the time of booking.

Attention: You MUST purchase our tour in order to travel with us. We do not tollerate an option of "being nearby and join some of the activities, as we pleased".

You may travel without children at all and still be a part of our trip.

No kids under 10 years old unless they are siblings of our Teens or you've got a special permission to register from Sasha.

So, are you coming? We cannot wait to see you there!