Nonprofit Fundraising 101 for Beginners

Nonprofit Fundraising 101 for Beginners

Dear Teens! This is a great opportunity and many adults working for a nonprofit will envy you and seek your expertise! Learn fundamentals of the Fundraising in just one year, and gain the applicable skills to fundraise for a good cause. In addition to learning, you’ll be gaining a real hands-on experience practicing your newly acquired skills to fundraise for Jookender Nonprofit. You’ll have an opportunity to earn up to 20 Community hours during this class. Homework is optional. You’ll be working together or in a small group setting. We will meet online, via Zoom, every Wednesday for a 45-60 min class to learn something new. Upon completing this course, you’ll be receiving a certificate that may help you to find many other working opportunities, as at school, so later, in college. During the program you’ll get some exposure to

• Fundraising Fundamentals

• Fundraising Calendar

• Strategy Development

• Letters writing

• Grant Writing

• Auction and Gala

• Crowdfunding

• Story Telling, Engagement

• Types of Donations

• Professional Networking

• Conferencing

• Aftermath Analytics

If you’re a college student or a GAP year student, seeking to obtain an unpaid internship, this might be a good opportunity for you too! Talk to us, we’ll be happy to sign up the internship papers for you.

• Tuition: $650 – Early Bird Special (until June 30, 2021), $850 – regular price.
• FREE to the Teen Universal Club members

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