Event: Играем в CodeNames (Sold Out)

Играем в CodeNames

Join URL: https://zoom.us/j/564542741?pwd=eTF6N3ltUU9jWjFXelplSnRWYk10Zz09

in addition to that, you will need (in another tab or window) to click here:

enter your name, for the room, enter Jookender, and for the password, enter 2020.

You will need both windows open for the game.

The games start at 8 pm EST every second Saturday (refer for flyer for the dates)

No experience necessary, Adults welcome to join. We'll try it several ways to see which one works best for the community. It can be played in both, Russian and English. We usually use Rusglish, but it doesn't matter. The Master Language will be chosen by participants at the time of the game.

The game rules will be explained at the time of the game too.