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Club Yeladim Programs Spring 2022 Term

Club Yeladim Programs Spring 2022 Term

Dear Parents!

Welcome to the Club Yeladim Programs Spring 2022 Term! The last term of the year is open for registration of members and nonmembers. Members register FREE to all classes. Nonmembers pay a $100 fee for each subject they want to join . If your child is under 13 y.o., and you haven't submitted that form in 2021, then COPPA form is a must and have to be send separately asap to

First, look at the calendar below. Click on the blue to open up the description of the class. Click anywhere else - green or grey areas, to remove the popped description. Once you familiarize yourself with the classes, register your children. You'll have an opportunity to register each child separately. Simply checkmark the classes you want for each child and at the end of the registration click register button. If you're a member - that's all you need. If you're not a member, you'll be taken to PayPal to complete the transaction and sign up for the classes. If you're not a member, your signup is not going through until actual payment is cleared, so we recommend you to use credit card for the instant money transfer. Ready? Set! Go!

Registration deadline for Spring term is March 15. Multi-day classes are all online!

Registration for the Spring Term is closed