Club Yeladim Programs Fall 2021 Term

Dear Parents!

Welcome to the club Yeladim!

This club offers various general educational classes for children in Elementary and the beginning of middle school. The most popular age of this club is 7-10 y.o, but the classes offered for the full array between 5 and 12 y.o. The classes usually divided by age, 5-6, 7-9, 10-12, or 5-8, 9-12 y.o. depends on the class complicity. So, you may join the class that suits your age the most. The classes offered are in Math, Chess, Languages, Art, Crafts, History, and many other topics. The classes change from one term to another. Most of the classes will be available during the Fall, Winter, and Spring Terms, however, we will be also adding a summer program, as well.

If your child is 5 y.o. and you’re not sure which club is better for your child – this one, or the one for under 5 y.o. (yom rishon) – sign up to this one, and you’ll be automatically entered to both, so you could decide when you see a class, if this is the right choice for you.

If you have a daughter, 11 y.o. – we would recommend to sign her up for the Go, Girls, for STEAM club. If you do so, she’ll be automatically added to the Club Yeladim, as well, so if there is any class offered to one club and not to another, and it’s available for that age, she’ll be able to join.

If you have a boy 12+ y.o. then he has outgrown club Yeladim completely and we offer your to sign him to the General Teen Club, where he gets much more interesting classes, based on his age. He’ll also have access to Club Yeladim, so he could join some classes not available in the Teen club, with no extra fee.

Of course, there is no discrimination and you, as a Parent, may choose the club that you think will suit your child the most, we just provide you a recommendation, based on past observations and experience.

Some of the classes will be offered to the general public, but most – will only be offered to the club members. So, if you’re interested in joining the club, please follow this link:

To continue browsing the classes already available, please, just scroll down.

Thank you for reading,
Sasha & The Jookender Team.

Please, once a year, fill out the COPPA form for your child (each child separately) and send it to Please name it COPPA_Notice_YourLastname.