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Club Shiurim for Children 3-12

Club Shiurim for Children 3-12

Club Shiurim for children 3-12 - Pilot in-Person Club Program

Welcome to our newest and greatest club Shiurim (lessons). All classes of this club will be happening in-person, during the afterschool hours on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. All classes will be FREE to the members of this club, but they also will be open to non-members, as well. An average cost of each class is $20-$25, completely covered to the members of the club.

The cost of the individual membership is $150 – first child in your family and $100 each additional child. We are also offering a new type of the membership – transferrable. That is no matter how many children in the family you have, you may still bring only one child to the event with one membership, but it can be a different child each time. For instance, you have 3 children, one is 3 y.o., one is 7 y.o. and another one is 12. Obviously, 3 years old won’t go to the event for 10+ y.o. and 12 y.o. won’t go to the event for under 5 y.o. in this case, the transferrable membership might work better for your family, because with this membership, you may drop each time a different (but only yours) child to the event. It’s transferrable within your family only.

Memberships are not refundable.

What is in for you?

  • You pick only classes and activities that work with your child’s schedule and interest
  • You provide us ideas of classes that you want to have for your children
  • There will be plenty of options to choose from each month – an event or a class will be happening almost each week!
  • You have no obligations – no min or max number of classes – they are all FREE to your child with the membership
  • Your membership payment is considered a tax-deductible donation – you may easily subtract it as a donation to Jookender Community Initiatives, Inc, ID: 82-3470470

What kind of classes should you expect?

  • All sorts of Arts & Crafts Classes
  • Jewish education w/out a religious component
  • STEM
  • Cooking

Who is going to teach those classes?

  • Sasha, the Executive Director of Jookender
  • Invited Guest Teachers
  • Experienced Teenagers from Sasha’s programs

How long are the classes?

  • While an average length of class or activity is 45 min, all classes and activities under 2 hours in length are covered

What about the materials and supplies for these classes?

  • With the pilot program, all supplies and materials are included

If an event lasts more than an hour, my child would need a snack, do you provide one?

  • We provide what we currently have at the office: Tea, sometimes Hot Chocolate, Water, some snacks, or even nuts, so be careful with it. Sometimes, parents donate us food, so we have enough snacks for all. Of course, all snacks are FREE.

What about the allergies?

  • In your membership application, you’ll list all allergies, especially the food allergies and we will try our best to make sure your child is not exposed to the forbidden products
  • However, we encourage parents to talk to us before the event should some concerns arise
  • Please, note: We are NOT a nut-free facility

What is in for us?

  • We get to know you better
  • We learn more about your interests, so we can provide a better spectrum of classes next year
  • We get resources to run this place

How many classes do you expect to run during this time?

  • In total, we expect to run an average of 24 classes and events that are FREE with the membership until June 30, 2023

Are there any classes or activities that are not covered?

  • The events and activities that happen elsewhere (not at 650 Worcester Rd. Unit 102, Framingham, MA 01702) are not covered
  • The events that last more than 2 hours are not covered
  • PJ, Movie nights, ½ day and full day camps are not covered
  • Family Camps, Field Trips, Zoo & Farm visits are not covered
  • Online classes that are a part of another membership are not covered
  • Jewish Holiday Celebrations are not covered
  • The events and activities for the age 13+ are not covered

There will be plenty educational and engaging classes and activities! Join the club today!

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