Chess for Beginners

Chess for Beginners

My name is Valery Frenklakh. I am FIDE and National chess master. I graduated from chess school in Minsk, Belarus in 1972, where I studied with a famous GM I Boleslavsky and masters M Shereshevsky a2nd A Shagalovich.I was a member of Belarusian National team which took the six place in 1972 chess team championship of the USSR. I have taught chess all over the world: Belarus, Russia( chief coach of the Palace of Chess.Naberezny Chelny, Tatarstan), Israel USA and Dominican Rep. My students are frequent winners of MA, Nationals and Internationals chess tounaments. My best student : Maksim Tsaruk ( we are studying chess for 5 years on Skype) is a FIDE chess master now, many time Europien champion and National Belarus champion is one of the best player in the world of his age. Chess is a preparation for life: you have to think ahead have a good memory and decide which of the many roads to take.

Zoom link will be sent to those signed up for the class at the day of the event or a day before.

Registration for the Chess for Beginners program closed.

If you have any questions, please address them to Sasha via email, or, in the whatsup group created for the parents of club Yeladim