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Watercolor Summer w/Alena Carr

Watercolor Summer w/Alena Carr

На урок, нам потребуются: набор акварельных красок, акварельная бумага, стакан для воды, палитра пластмассовая, бумажные полотенца , кисти, карандаш НВ, стёрка, фен для сушки. Рекомендуемые краски: Windsor & Newton. Их наборы даже для студенческого уровня очень хороши и достаточно не дорогие. Но если есть возможность - Ленинград, Белые Ночи.

Alena is originally from Belarus, a beautiful country Eastern Europe.

She was born and raised in the city of Vitebsk, the home of several famous artists, including Mark Chagall.

Growing up with such a rich art culture , she spent most of her life making art and working in many different mediums. She has a degree in Decorative painting and Folk art. She studied Fine Art at Vitebsk State University and received the degree as Drafting and Art Teacher. Alena taught art and crafts at Creative Art Center for children in Belarus, and Art classes at Colorado Russian Center, Aar River Gallery. She is a member of the Paletteers Art Club, The Wheat Ridge Art League, Arvada Fine Art Guild and the Color Pencil Society of America.

She came to the United States in 2003 and has lived in Colorado since 2006.

Her preferred medium is color pencil and watercolor.

Alena`s favorite subjects are animals, flowers and nature

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