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FREE and Paid Internship

FREE and Paid Internship

FREE Internships are available for all High School and College Students. Whether you’re interested in Journalism, Marketing, Business, Computer Science, Education, Math, Art, etc. etc. – we recommend you to find sometime and talk to us about your specific needs. Chances are that we can find something for you. If you’re a High School Student, you’ll be earning community hours for your services. If you’re in College, you’ll be earning college grade and a great reference from us. We have need in in-person and online students, so please, do talk to us.

Paid Internships are available to those who:

  • Completed at least 40 hours of FREE internship or
  • Completed 40 Community hours with us or
  • Have participated in our year-long programs, such as Social Entrepreneurship or the Melting Pot for at least a year or
  • Have volunteered multiple times at our Family Camps (with combined 40 hours of service)
  • And have great recommendations from Jookender Supervisors.

No matter what is your major, we may find a need for your services. Internships are available during the Fall, Winter, and Spring Terms, as well, as over the Summer. Talk to us today: