Who we are?

Jookender Mission

We strive to support diverse communities of Greater Boston area and New England by teaching and demonstrating Jewish values and by offering programs that assist members in finding their way to the larger Jewish community.

Jookender Goals

Jookender supports individuals through all stages of life ensuring diversity and inclusion to create strong bonds and offer opportunities for members of various backgrounds and faiths.

Jookender Collaborations

We foster existing partnerships and explore new collaborations to create opportunities for improved experiences and engagement for our members and partners.

In the News

Young Adults Grant from CJP

Jookender has been notified for winning a partial grant for Young Adults from CJP (July 2018-June 2019). This grant will allow us to attract and grow the community of Young Adults 20-45 y.o.


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Youth Grant from CJP

Jookender has just been awarded a grant for Teens from CJP. This grant will help us to equip our Teen volunteers with walkie-talkies and other tools to carry on our projects.


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CJP North Shore Grant - Applied!


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