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Presentation (in English)

Video recording (in Russian)

Registration deadline January 31st, 2024

February 18-24 (7 days/6 nights)

Check in: Sunday, Feb 18 at 4:30 pm EST

Check out: Saturday, Feb. 24 at 12:00 pm EST

Address: Prindle Pond Conference Center, 19 Harrington Road, Charlton, MA 01507, Hilltop Campus

Welcome to the Jookender first, newest sleepover camp!

Your child will be thrilled! Our Pilot program is so affordable,

We offer a full week of STEM and Arts activities, in addition to the extensive outdoor experience! Children K-12 are invited!

All Children will be divided in small groups and age-appropriate activities in English will be delivered to each group during the day. In the classes, children will be exposed to the wonder world of science – Physics, Chemistry, Natural Sciences, etc. – just the way that is easier to digest that information for their specific age. At the camp, will be also offering various activities to learn/improve Russian and Hebrew, to understand the principles of teambuilding, and to gain valuable leadership skills. There will be times to learn and times to play. And no homework!!!

You have an option to either send your children on their own (grade 4 and up), to go with them (family camp, any age), or to bring your child every day just for the day activities and return home for the night (commute). If you come and stay with your children, then the camp price for a child is lower, since we do no have to pay extra to provide an additional care for your child. Your (adult) price reflects food and board, plus some activities during the evening hours, after the dinner.

If you’re brining with you a child under 5 y.o., we do not provide camp activities for your child of this age. However, here and there, we will try to entertain them as well, just not to the same extend. Be prepared that the daily entertainment of your younger child is mostly on you during the week.

There will be various opportunities for the High School Students to earn some community hours during their stay, in addition to their own STEM and leadership activities during the day.

If your child plays any musical instrument, we encourage to bring it to the camp.

Each participant is responsible for their own medical insurance.

Camp provides strong Wi-Fi signal in the common areas allowing you to work remotely during this week without any issues. If one day, you decide, you want to take a day off, pick your child and go skiing for a day – that’s absolutely fine with us, just let us know the same day in the morning. The price of the camp, however, will not be prorated.

Accommodations: Family Rooms are provided for those families, who stay with their camp-age children at the camp. Such room includes 4-6 bunk beds, private full bathroom, and heat. One family – one room.

Children that stay without a parent, stay in the rooms with their own gender, usually 4 per room, and each room also has its own private full bathroom and heat.

All need to bring your own bedding, pillows, blankets, towels, toiletries.

All bunk beds are twin beds with mattresses.

Pricing (for the entire week, including stay, 3 meals a day, snacks, all activities):

Refund policy:

Until February 5 – Full 100% refund

February 6 – February 10 – 85% refund

February 11 – February 16 – 70% refund

No refund after that day unless proven sick.